Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Steampunk Bottle Cap Magnets!

 Steampunk Bottle Cap Magnets!
We had a blast making these!
You will need:
Bottle caps
epoxy putty (we use JB Weld)
Steampunk watch parts
You can find steampunk watch parts at any craft store...
or online here: Steampunk Collection Watch Gears And Cogs
Roll the epoxy putty until one color to activate the epoxy.
Put a ball of epoxy in the bottle cap...then press steampunk parts gently into the epoxy.
Fun craft for boys and girls!
The 6 year old was thrilled with his!
Then let them dry overnight.

Then just glue a magnet on the back.
They are so cool and interesting!
Perfect for hanging up adorable artwork on the fridge!

Try it on these Steampunk Pendants too!

Or this Cape/Robe clasp!

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