Father's Day Gift Ideas and LEGO!

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I received this Lego set in exchange for this review and my honest opinion
 Father's Day Gift Ideas and LEGO!
Okay, so a fun little story.  When my husband and I were first married we loved our time together.  We never went out to dinner or to the movies.  We would go to the toy store and buy big Lego sets and spend the next couple of nights assembling them together.  They were the only decor we had in our home for a few years.  Star Wars Lego sets are our favorite.
My husband grew up loving the fabulous building blocks and would always tell his siblings that LEGO was the only thing he wanted for birthday or Christmas gifts.
So now, it's the only gift we get for my husband.  Birthday, Father's day and Christmas.
That's why I was thrilled about this fun Desert Skiff set.
 It's got the sarlacc, Han and Chewie, Boba Fett and some other guy...a skiff guard.
It was so fun to put together and is now proudly on display on the center of the dining table.
Lego is a big part of our family, we all love putting the pieces together.  The time we spend together building sets after a holiday or birthday is more memorable than any other gifts.  So, lesson learned.

We love handmade gifts too, here are some fun Father's day gift ideas:

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