Land that I Love Patriotic Wood Slice Art!

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I was able to guest post at Sugar Bee Crafts as part of the fun Red, White and Blue last year.
So it's been a year since I did this craft, but this was fun and easy!
I love wood slices!
Last year in May there was a huge windstorm here...hundreds of giant trees were downed in a couple of hours.  That meant weeks of work and cleanup...but we collected all the wood we could.  We made some new friends and bought a new chainsaw.  Haha.  We have all the wood slices we could handle.  If you don't have access to wood slices, any reclaimed wood or even new wood and make a fun sign.
 We were fortunate, or unfortunate, to have a major windstorm a couple months
 ago that toppled some very old trees in our neighborhood. 
We saw it as an opportunity to acquire some inexpensive crafting medium.
So, I'm painting on a wood can use pallet boards, pine, barn wood, old wood fence, 
anything with a reclaimed look is fun!
You could even paint this right onto a big rock!

You will need:
A painting surface
White, Red, Blue and Black craft paint.
Flat large brush and small round brush
A pencil
 First paint the surface with white craft paint.
I did not sand or clean off my surface.  I just painted right on the jagged chainsaw lines
and knew the paint would cover it nicely.
That is why this is such a fast craft!
  A nice, thick layer and let it dry completely.
 Next, use a pencil and lightly script on some brush style calligraphy.
It's basically fancy cursive.  
You can print out a text you like and transfer it to the wood with carbon paper.
 Use the round brush and trace your pencil lines.
 When doing calligraphy you want the downstrokes to be thick and the upstrokes to be thin.
So try this with your painting.
There is a lot of confidence that comes from working with reclaimed supplies...because I am not afraid of messing them up.  I have a cord or two of wood and know I can just burn the mistakes and try again.  
Another tip is to get an old magazine and tear out a page...then practice
 your painting script on that page.
The glossy pages hold the paint well and the magazine is just like free paper.
In any case, be confident and just start!
 Next, I wanted some blue and red pinwheel type stars!
 Just elongated triangles all pointing the same direction into the middle make the cutest stars!
 They look like little flower bouquets, but they are so patriotic!
 Let it dry and it's ready for display!
Put a hook in the back to hang it on the front door like a wreath!
Prop it up on the front porch to greet the it on the mantle...
or give it to a friend!
This would be a fun craft to do with older children or summer camps too!

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Land that I Love Patriotic Wood Slice Decor!

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