DIY Wonder Woman Bracelets

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 DIY Wonder Woman Bracelets
Oriental Trading sent me the supplies for this post...affiliate links in post.
Wonder Woman is awesome!
She has these amazing bracelets that help her block blaster bolts and totally protect
her even though she barely wears anything else...because that's how super powers work!
 These are easy and fun to make yourself!
Perfect kids craft!
 Most of the pictures of Wonder Woman show her wearing mostly gold,
but her bracers are I did silver ones.
 You will need:
Silver (or gold) spray paint or paint
Red star stickers
Slap Bracelets
(slap bracelets are so 90's and fun, sent to my by Oriental Trading)
 I took 2 of them and spray painted them silver.
If you have kids that want to paint, let them use craft paint and a brush to paint them.
They will likely crack over time...but they are slap bracelets and won't last forever anyway.
 Let them dry completely.
I used an electronic cutter to cut red stars out of vinyl, but you could paint them or
draw them on with permanent markers too!
 Just stick them on the centers and you are good to go!
Slap them around your wrists and you are ready to go see the new movie today!!!
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