Easy Edible Roses on Cupcake Tutorial!

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 Easy Edible Roses on Cupcake Tutorial!
This is a simple DIY to make your cupcakes look amazing!
 I am a serious crafter and I have had some experience with cake decorating...
but I don't love it.  I don't love to spend my time making pretty food that won't last.
So I admire people that have that patience and skill...but I
prefer easy tricks to make food cute.
 This trick involves one of my favorite treats!
Air Heads!
I got this big bag of Air Heads from Oriental Trading!

 You will also need some cupcakes.
You can totally use store bought ones or make up a mix.
And frosting...again, I used store bought.
 The large red rose uses 6 Airheads
The smaller roses, like the blue and orange and white use 3 Airheads, cut in half the long way.
The tiny roses in clusters of 3 use 1 airhead each, so 3 per cupcake.
And we used green airheads for the leaves.

Open 3 packages of Airheads and cut in half the long way.
 Just like this.
 Start with one piece and roll it up in a spiral.
 Roll it up completely.
 Then add the next piece around it.
The mini roses are done at this point.
 Once the desired size of rose is reached, use your fingers
 to pull back the swirl "petals" a little.
 Set right on a frosted cupcake!
Cut the green piece in a leaf shape and stick it into the cupcake.
The red one is so big and pretty!
I love the variety of sizes and colors.  It's a bright dessert!
 Perfect for a party, wedding, teaparty or wedding/baby shower!
Great for May Flowers!
 Easy DIY and great for older kids to help with.
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