Happy Mother's day!

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 Happy Mother's day!
I miss my mom.  She died a week before my 17th birthday.
I've lived more than half my life without her...but guess what, I still miss her.
I remember her every day.
I remember how much I love her.
I feel sad that she hasn't met my kids...and they haven't met her.
I am happy because I've taken on so many of her traits and talents.
 I have so many happy memories of my mom.
I remember her teaching me calligraphy and learning to paint.  I remember
her teaching me how to sew.  I remember her teaching me how to cook.
I remember her teaching me how to use the washer and dryer (I was 7).
She got a stool out and kept it in the laundry room so I could always do my own laundry.
I remember she loved Angel food cake and strawberries.
I remember one time she made homemade onion rings.
I remember her singing and playing the guitar "Puff the Magic Dragon".
I remember her taking me to the mall and getting my ears pierced.
I remember her curling my hair for hours...and then
 I combed it out with a wet comb and wrecked it.
I remember sitting on the bathroom counter and just watching her put on her make-up.
I remember her taking care of me when I was sick.
I remember taking care of her when she was sick.
I remember she would give me a scoop of cookie dough every time she made cookies.
I remember cuddling in bed with her and planning my wedding (I was 6 or 7)
Which was a blessing, because she wasn't around when I got married...
but I felt her help as I prepared.
She was really the best mom ever.
 And I hope to be a wonderful mother to my children too.
I love them desperately.
I can imagine how much my mom loved me, even though
I was too self-centered (being a teenager and all) while she was alive to notice.

She was fun and silly.
I think I am sometimes too!
I inherited her nose, mouth and teeth...so that's fun.

She was crafty and artsy.
I think we'd like hanging out now...we'd be best friends.
Some days I feel jealous of other adults who have their moms around.
I absolutely love my step mom and am so thankful for her.
But I'm selfish and want to see my mom again too.
Cancer sucks.
My heart goes out to anyone that has had a parent pass away.  It's the worst.
I know I will see her again.
I know that.
It's just hard being patient sometimes.
For now I will cherish my own little babies that are growing much too quickly.
This little guy is nearly 15.
Time flies.
I love being a mother.
Families are the greatest gift.

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AguaGirl said…
This brought back so many memories for me too! I absolutely love her and the little that I remember is mostly awesome!

I still remember that she hummed every time she was on the phone waiting for them to pick up. And cookie dough and making rolls, taking naps with her and sneaking out after she fell asleep, and countless crafts with her.

We have a great mom and we would all be awesome friends if she where physically here.