How to Make a Paper Basket!

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How to Make a Paper Basket!

A paper basket is adorable and so easy to make! 

Make this cute paper basket with just one square piece of paper...or double them up for a color block look!

This was posted back in 2017 and I just knew it needed a refresh!

I love this bright paper--these colors are my spectrum for sure!

Which combination is your favorite?

Here's my youtube video showing the basket making process!

These are great baskets for neighbors, teachers, Easter/Spring or other gift-giving holidays, birthdays, get wells and other care packages.

I love making paper baskets and then just placing one bag of candy in the basket and tying it with a ribbon. It's easy, simple and inexpensive...but looks amazing, thoughtful and time consuming.

Supplies Needed for Paper Basket:

You will need Cardstock Scrapbook Paper...I used these bright colors from DCWV.

You will need 2 pieces per basket, or double sided paper for the same effect with just one piece.

The doubled paper gives it a amazing two toned look, but also makes it incredibly sturdy.

These baskets are done with 12x12 paper, but can be made with any size of square paper.

I absolutely love my Scoring board and Stylus. This really makes it go much faster.

You can score with just a ruler and stylus too.

Step 1: Score Straight Lines!

Place your 12X12 paper on the scoring board.

(This can be done with any size of square paper, it just needs to be scored in thirds)

Score down the 4" line.

 And score down the 8" line.

Rotate the paper 90 degrees and repeat those 2 score lines at the 4 and 8 inch mark.

It creates a perfect tic-tac-toe grid, dividing the 12 inch paper into 9 equivalent squares.

Step 2: Score Diagonal Lines!

Next, score lines in each of the four corners with a center diagonal lines.

Place on the score board and score from corner to corner.

I just basically just eye balled it to create the diagonal line in each of the 4 corners of the scrapbook paper.

Again, repeat on all four corners, so the paper looks like this:

Step 3: Folding Basket

Now fold all the score lines, beginning with the long straight lines. 

Then pinch in the corner diagonal lines.

Step 4: Repeat!

Repeat the scoring and folding process with another piece of paper to make the inside of the basket. 

The paper is the exact same size with the same score lines, so one is not bigger than the other. 

They fit together just fine.

Step 5: Hole Punch!

Now to form the basket, punch a hole through the center diagonal line of each pinched in corner. Punch the hole about 1/2 to 3/4 inch away from the corner.

Step 6: Tie with Ribbon!

Now thread a 1.25 inch wide satin ribbon through the holes punched in the four corners. 

Gently pull all the corner points into the center of the basket and tie the ribbon off finish off the basket.

Before tying the ribbon in a knot or a bow, fill the basket with all kinds of goodies.

I brought these with me to a blogging convention back in 2017, so I filled it with washi tape, candy, a pen and other treats. 

This way it was an easy gift to give my roommates, but they wouldn't have a lot to take home afterwards. 

The basket is compostable or can be untied and collapsed to save for later.

Don't they looks so pretty and bright together!?

These would make great party favor baskets, table settings for an event, or even centerpieces.

Great for a Welcome to the neighborhood gift!

Surprisingly they hold a lot of goodies too!

 I always like to add a big tag too--to finish it off!

That's it!

These paper baskets are sure to be a favorite when you need a quick gift!

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Carissa B said…
I loved my basket so much! I carefully unfolded it and packed it flat in my suitcase so I could use it at home.