Chokers are Back! DIY Handmade Swarovski Crystal Choker!

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 Handmade Chokers!!!!
Chokers are Back!
I am *super* nervous about this post!
I rarely post pictures of myself...but here I am.
I told my daughter if she took pictures of me, she wouldn't have to be my model;
she jumped at my offer.
So here I am, dorking it up in front of the camera--and posting it!
*Please only say nice things*

DIY Handmade Choker with Velvet, Chain and Swarovski Crystal
I've always like to me, they were never really out.
But they are the new let's embrace it!
Okay, this picture is blurry, but let's go with it.

I love Downton Abbey, I love to freeze it and take pictures of their
awesome clothes and jewelry.
Lady Mary has quite the beaded and crocheted lace choker herself!
 Let's simplify it a bit!
I got these fabulous beads, chains, and findings from:
Fire Mountain Gems and Beads - Home Page
I am an affiliate for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads, they have beautiful
 pieces at great prices and they sent me some to make this awesome choker!
Focal Swarovski Crystal
Velvet Black Ribbon
Ribbon Crimp End
Silver-plated Steel Chain
Jumprings, necklace clasps, jewelry pliers

Fire Mountain Gems and Beads has everything you need for fantastic DIY jewelry.
With 15 feet of velvet ribbon, you can make at least 10 chokers too!
Let's get started.

Measure your neck.
Subtract 1/2 inch and cut a piece of ribbon that length.
I cut mine at 14 inches.
It's not super tight, this is totally preference based.
 The crimp ends clamp down hard on the ends of the ribbon.
 Just place it firmly against the end...
 And crimp it down with flat pliers.
Disregard my chippy nail polish.
 Next, cut a piece of chain an inch longer than the velvet ribbon.
 Use a jump ring and the pliers to hook the chain on the end of the crimp ends.
 Connect to both sides.
Also connect the necklace clasp and the loop to the ends.
This clasp takes up the difference of the 1/2 inch we shortened at the beginning.
 Now, the pièce de ré·sis·tance!
This swarovski crystal pendant is AHHHH-Mazing!
It is so sparkly and gorgeous!
It's big too!
 I used a large jump ring to attach the focal crystal to the chain and
the center of the velvet ribbon.
It scrunches down a little, but that's the look I'm going for.
 It is a great combination of textures and shine.  I love the soft, plush velvet...
the shine of the silver chain and the pizzazz of the crystal!
 And, it's me again!
I love chokers.  I'm glad they are back!
They are easy to make--give it a try today!
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Rachel said…
i seriously thought this was one of your daughters!!! you look so young!!!!! these are all, btw, gorgeous!!