How to Make Edible Rose Gold Wax Seals!

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 How to Make Edible Rose Gold Wax Seals!
These chocolate dipped strawberries with a little rose gold fleur de lis
are perfection and great for Mother's Day!
 These little "wax" seals can be used to adorn a cupcake,
pastries, cheesecake, layered cake, any decadent dessert!
 You will need:

Clean Wax Stamper
I got this darling Fleur De Lis one from Oriental Trading!
They have everything you need for fancy touches for weddings!

Candy melts in red
Color Mist in Gold

You will also need butter, spoon, bowl for melting, silicone mat...
Wouldn't these be the perfect touch for a cupcake!?
Take the wax stamper and clean it with soap and water.
Dry it.
Then pat a little bit of butter on the seal with your finger.
Then stick it in the freezer for 5 minutes.
Then take some melts and melt them according to package details.
I added luster dust in mine and it did ignore the shimmer powder in there.
Place a daub of candy on the silicone mat.
Wait until it is about half way set.
This is kind of a long process.
Then get the stamper from the freezer and place right on top.
Let it sit for 15 seconds or so.
Then lift off.
Then butter, freeze and repeat the process.
Okay, you can see some shimmer in there, but it just wasn't enough.
The "wax" candy seals are perfect!
Next I used the color mist in gold.
And sprayed them just a bit.
They look gorgeous and ROSE GOLD!
Use some chocolate to stick them right onto the chocolate dipped strawberry.
They are elegant and beautiful!
Perfect for Mother's day!
Perfect for a wedding, party, birthday, tea party or any other reason to
serve fancy dessert!

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