Never Tie Your Shoes Again!

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 Never Tie Your Shoes Again!
This is why I never teach my kids to tie their shoes!
Don't tie your shoes!
Okay, I taught my kids to tie a bow, but not their shoes.
This is why.
This is my favorite life hack.
 Get shoes with laces and remove the laces.
 You will also need some 1/4" elastic.
It's cheap and comes in white or black.
I mostly use black.
 You need a different amount of elastic for different sizes of shoes.
Unravel the elastic and thread one end through the lace holes.
We usually use a pair of pliers to help ease it through.
 Make sure you get the tabs on the tongue and every hole.
 Once at the top,
Put the shoe on.  This has to be worn so you can tighten it just the right amount.
 Then tie it off in a square knot!
Trim the ends and lightly singe the edges with a lighter to keep the ends from fraying.
 Repeat for the other side!

We do this on every pair of shoes.
It is great for running shoes.  They work fabulously on church shoes.
They are the reason I don't teach my kids to tie their shoes!
And why I don't tie my shoes!

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