Layered Crystal Rock Soap DIY!

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Layered Crystal Rock Soap DIY!
 Make gorgeous soaps that look like natural crystal clusters!
Fun to use for washing too!
Great gifts and fun to make with a group!
 You will need Melt and Pour Soap Base
Stephenson Personal Care Melt and Pour Crystal Soap Base
(this is the one I used)
They have fantastic soap bases and I highly recommend them.
Just message them to find a retailer near you!
They sent me several soap bases to try in exchange for this post.

Plastic cups
Glass container for melting
Spoon for stirring

Soap coloring

Gold Mica for cosmetics

Cut the soap base into small cubes.
 Melt about 1/2-1 cup worth in a measuring cup.
 Pour in the base of the cups.
Melt a new batch and add a different colors.
Layer after layer, darker to lighter.
 Let cool completely and then cut the cup off.
 Next place the soap on a cutting board and get a sharp knife.
 Slice and cut the soap into fun geometric and asymmetrical shapes!
 Save all the soap scraps for another fun soap project to come!
 Adorable natural crystal soaps!
 Great for a gift or just a classy accent in the powder room!

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