Wax Sealed Easter Eggs!

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 Wax Sealed Easter Eggs!
 Upgrade your Easter Egg game with wax seals!
They are fancy and fun to do.
And...you can keep snitching hands out of them until they are supposed to!
 You'll need plastic eggs, twine, wax stamper, wax sticks and mini glue gun.
I used the jumbo size eggs.  Love these.
However, the purple one cracked beyond repair...rats.
 I got this fun Fleur de Lis wax stamp and these
Gold wax sticks from Oriental Trading!
They are the source for all party, holiday and event goodies!
 First, stuff the egg full of goodies.
I'm using Air Heads!  They are my favorite, and Oriental Trading has them in bulk!
 Wrap the twine around the egg, right where the 2 halves connect.
I wrapped them 3 times and tied a square knot.
 Plug in your glue gun and push a wax stick inside.
Let it warm up.
I use a baking mat especially for crafting.
It's so nice to not worry about things sticking.
 Squeeze out a big glob of wax.
Enough to cover the knot of the twine.
 Press the stamper onto the wax gently and let it sit for a few seconds.
 Peel off gently for the perfect seal!
 Once your stick is getting low, add a dab of wax to the end of it...
 And push it in the glue gun to adhere to the wax stick already in the glue gun...
just like you would with hot glue.
Add a big blob of wax...
 Press in the stamper.
 Let cool and remove!
Fancy and super fun!
 Makes a fun gift, Easter egg hunt, or you could even include an address and
send it in the mail!
 And for now, it will be decor in my house!
 Until I need my Air Heads fix!
Such a fun project!  You'll want to wax seal everything!
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