Prismacolor Colored Pencils Roll-Up!

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 Prismacolor Colored Pencils Roll-Up!
I received these amazing Prismacolor Pencils and pens to review for this post!
I absolutely love Prismacolor.
I used them all through High School in my AP art class and Commercial Art and Design.
I love the smooth, high quality and the blending capabilities!
 I received this amazing Prismacolor box.
It had a 24 set of Premier colored pencils, fine tip pens and a flash drive with
tutorials on coloring and details!
 Oh, and some fun images to get right in and color.
I must confess.  I love to color and craft...but I am not patient
enough to color, so it runs all over the lines.
 The tin the pencils came in is wonderful and does not need to be replaced...
but I like to craft things up and make it easy to travel.
 I used 2 layers of material 21 inches wide and 14 inches tall.
 Next, sew around it with the right sides together.
Leave a 4 inch gap open in the center of the top for easy flipping.
 Sewn and ready to flip.
 Flipped around and ready to sew the gap.
 Use a straight stitch all the way around the 4 edges.
 Next fold up the bottom edge 6 inches.
Sew the edges on each side.
 I used a marker to make tick marks every 5/8th's inch.
 Then stitched each line.
I didn't use pins or guides, just did it.  If you need some guides, use them.
 Roll up the organizer as you sew to save space.
 Then trim all the loose threads.
 Then stuff in the pencils.
I love to go in rainbow order because, rainbows.
I fit the pens in larger pockets on the side.
 Roll it up!
Then I used some 1.5" elastic lace and sewed it like a loop.
Fits over and holds it in place!
 It's adorable and easy to slip in a purse or school bag!
Coloring on the go!
 I love these pencils!
They are the best!
 Great gift idea too!
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