Star Wars Rebel Alliance Backpack!

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Star Wars Rebel Alliance Backpack!
Star Wars Rogue One comes out soon!!!
Are you a crazy Star Wars fan?
I am.
We are pretty big into sci-fi and fantasy and video game fun!
I love doing crafts and diy projects revolving around those genres too!

 This is a fun craft for kids.
 I got these little backpacks from Oriental Trading.
They have everything you need for a little Rebel.
Great for birthday parties or gifts!
These backpacks are mini size.  They will not fit an adult.
They fit my 8 year old perfectly.
I'd use them for a child's party, no problem.
 The fabric is less like fabric and more like plastic.
So we used Sharpie markers.
Just traced a circle and colored all the bag around it.
 Lots of fun coloring.
The markers work really well on these bags.
 Next we printed off the Rebel alliance logo...
 And placed it inside the bag so we could see through it to trace.
 There is a little bleeding with the markers, but
no big deal for a kids backpack!
 Fill with fun stuff and it's ready to wear!
 The top corners just tuck in and then the flap snaps.
They are cheaply made bags but just fine for birthday favors.

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