DIY: Felt Mistletoe Decoration!

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Make your own Felt Mistletoe!
Great for Christmas Kisses!

You will need:

White felt balls

Green felt

Green yarn

Darning needle

Hot glue/gun

Pretty Ribbon

 Here's real mistletoe.
It's just a parasitic vine that grows over all the trees in the south.
It is beautiful and for some reason makes people want to kiss under it.
 History channel has a good article on why we kiss under the mistletoe

 Okay so get all the supplies.
Cut 2 pieces each of some wiggly hand like shapes.
Hot glue the 2 identical pieces together.
Let the glue cool.

Next take some yarn and tie the tops of the leaves together.
Use the needle and yarn to string through a felt ball and tie it off.
Then clip the yarn.
Tie more pieces of yarn around the top and hook felt balls on it.
Next, some cute ribbon!
I got this from Offray.
I love the double sided polka dot!
Take a 10 inch strip of 1.5 inch ribbon and a 1 inch piece of .5 inch ribbon.
Hot glue in the center
Gather the center with fingers.
Hot glue and wrap around the front and hot glue right on top of the ribbon.
Then hot glue on to the mistletoe.
I did a second bow for the other side as well.  That way when the mistletoe spins,
it looks great from every angle.
Then hang it up and enjoy kissing underneath it!
This can easily be packed away and reused year after year!

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