Entry Table with Hairpin Legs DIY

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 Entry Table with Hairpin Legs DIY
Great for the entry way as a catch all table.
Fantastic table for a buffet or party...great to hang up the stockings on too!
 And makes a great desk for school work or business!
 Check out this quick video process and then all the step by step pictures to follow!

I needed an amazing table for simple buffets and parties, entry way decor and holiday decorations!
This also works so great as a place to hang your stockings if you are without fireplace and mantle.
Great table for all year long.
It's pretty simple to make too.
Even if you don't have a full wood shop.
 You'll need some hairpin legs.
This table's glory is all due to these fabulous legs.
 I received these gorgeous 27 inch black hairpin legs from 
in exchange for this fun project.
The powder coated legs are so wonderful.  Smooth and clean.
They don't rust and they look fabulous, available in many colors!
They have a huge variety of hairpin legs!
They are sturdy and super well made.
They make them when you order them, so they are your exact specifications.
They are steel, sand blasted and then powder coated for a thick glossy cover.
They are proudly made in the USA!
They range in length from 6 to 30 inches.
Let's make this awesome table now!
 We had a piece of plywood left over from our Kitchen remodel.
It's easy to get a piece of wood at the home improvement store and have them cut it to
 your specs if you don't have a table saw.
We had a piece that was perfect but decided to stack two layers thick.
 We measured and cut the wood in half.  They are 16 inches deep and 45 inches long.

 We used wood glue and ran a line around the piece of wood.
 Then stacked the other on top.
Making sure the side we wanted showcased was right on top.
 Then clamped down all the edges.
 If we had a dozen more clamps it would be better.
Then let it dry overnight.
 Next, we used the table saw to saw the edge completely even.
 Sand all the edges lightly, just to prevent slivers.
 Flip it upside down and place legs on the table.
The way the legs slant, they are perfection if they are set 2 inches in on each corner.
Measure 2 inches on each edge and trace the holes where the screws will go.
 Just like this, repeated for all 4 corners.
 Then drill a small pilot hole in the pencil marks.
 Place the hairpin legs in place and drill.
We used 1 1/4 inch black screws to screw all the legs in place.
 Then stand it up and enjoy the super modern look of this awesome table!
Now, let's dress it up!!!
Give it at least 2 coats of Polyurethane.
This is my favorite kind.  It's water based and doesn't yellow over time.
 Now deck the halls for a geeky Christmas!
Or a Party!
 Great for an entry way!

 And perfection for your desk!
You will see this table in many posts to come!
Check out DIYHairpinLegs.com for more fantastic ideas!
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