Birdcage Succulent Planter!

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 Birdcage Succulent Planter!
This is a fun DIY that is great for hanging in the house, outside or using as centerpieces for
a fun event like a party or wedding!
 You'll need these supplies:
Styrofoam square
Faux Succulent Picks
Reindeer Moss

I got my birdcage from Oriental Trading!
They have everything you need for parties, weddings,
kids, crafts, jewelry and DIY.  I love this birdcage.
It clasps on the top and hinges open so it is easy to
open and fill with plants.

 Take the plastic off the styrofoam and stick the picks inside it.
Balance the plants over all showing surfaces.
 Once you have your picks in place,
You can fill the styrofoam with moss.
I just pressed it in place, but you could hot glue it if you want it more secure.
 Open the top of the cage and place the styrofoam with plants inside.
Fill the moss around the picks so that all the styrofoam is covered.
I love how the plants stick out the cage, it looks amazing!
 I tied it with a ribbon for added fun!
Great way to incorporate wedding colors or to match the season!
 Hang it up and enjoy!
 Or use as centerpiece!
You can use live plants and just use a spray bottle to water them sparingly.
I love it!
You could also add some fresh flowers and make it aromatic and colorful too!

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