Stenciled Frame Chalkboards!

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 Stenciled Frame Chalkboards!
They are easy to make and would make a great gift.
 The supplies I used are from Plaid Crafts!
They send me products to use in posts like this.  I love working with them.
I use their paints all the time.
You can find most of their products at Walmart too.
 First thing to do is to remove the backing and the glass from the frame.
Then paint the entire wood frame white.
Let it dry completely and then stencil it in color.
Here's my story:
I took all the most beautiful step by step pictures of this project and then the computer/camera glitched and they were all disappointing.
So, these pics will have to do.
 After they dry, insert an 8 by 10 chalkboard.
Or a board painted with chalk paint.
 I used Soapstone for the chalk.  It is dustless and writes so smooth.
It's available in the welding section of the home improvement store.

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