DIY Tissue Paper Poinsettia Centerpiece!

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 DIY Tissue Paper Poinsettias!
I love poinsettias.  They are such a picture of Christmas.
When I was a senior in high school, I had a boyfriend that spent the school
year living in Venezuela with his family.
So my dad and I flew down the day after Christmas and enjoyed a week
in the warm sun, sandy beaches, clear Caribbean waters and sight seeing.
One of the places we visited was filled with fresh, wild poinsettias.
They were everywhere and in full bloom.
It makes sense why they are such a symbol of Christmas.

Unfortunately, I am allergic to flowers and can't have them inside my home.
So what is a girl to do?
Fakes.  Make some fakes.
 This is part of Craft Lightning Christmas Series
15 minute crafts!
This craft takes about 5-10 minutes per flower, so it's kind of stretching the rules.
 I did a little bouquet of 5 flowers, all different sizes.
 First off, you will need supplies.
I received these from Oriental Trading Company in exchange for this post.

Tissue Paper (in whatever color you want your flowers)
Clear glass Milk Bottle
Neon Washi Tape (just green)
Floral Wire
Hot glue/gun and scissors

 I used a dull yellow paper and red.
It didn't even use the equivalent to one sheet of tissue paper for the bundle of flowers.
Take a strip of yellow about 1.5 inch by 18 inches and fold over and over itself until it is about 4 inches.  Then fold in half the long way.
 Carefully cut the open edge about 1/4 inch from the folded edge and make a fluffy layer of fringe.
 Next take a piece of floral wire
 Fold up the fringe in half and half again.
Then wrap the wire around the center of the fringe.
 The fringe hides the wire and twist it tight beneath.
 Now cut some petal shapes out of the red.
 Varying sizes with a pointed end.
 Now put some hot glue around the base of the yellow fringes and glue
on row at a time.
 Then add more glue and add more petals.
 And repeat until the desired size of poinsettia.
 Add petals to cover all the glue completely.
 Look at it from the top and see where it needs additional petals.
 Next, use the green washi tape like floral tape.
Wrap it thickly underneath the petals.  Then twist and wrap it all the down the wire stem.
 Repeat as much as you want!
Make a giant bouquet or the perfect centerpiece for a Christmas dinner!
 I taped the 5 flowers together to keep them from shifting in the bottle.
 Fill the jar with small pebbles for added weight or keep it empty.
The flowers are light enough to not unbalance it.
 Great touch for a holiday table!
And perfect for people like me who are allergic to flowers!
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