Studio C 'Don't Save the Whales' T-Shirt DIY!

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 Studio C 'Don't Save the Whales' T-Shirt DIY!
We were randomly selected to go see Studio C at the local theater
 with 2 of the cast members and a preview of their Season 7 episode.
 If you aren't familiar with Studio C,
let's chat.  They are a sketch comedy group that are awesome and funny.
They have high moral standards, so the sketches are always clean humor and family friendly.
Check them out on their Youtube channel
They are hilarious, and the more you watch the more you will love each cast member.
So we were invited to the showing, and costumes were optional!
We all decided to dress up like one of their sketches.
My oldest son was Dr. Shoemaker, daughter was USA, and youngest son wanted a shirt like me.
Because it's funny.
 They have a funny sketch called
"Don't Save the Whales!"
Watch it here and then we'll continue.
So the shirts are a "no sign" with a whale.
 Easy to make using Heat transfer vinyl.
 I used red, blue and white.
First the red no sign, cut on my Silhouette Cameo.
When using heat transfer material, reverse the image before cutting.
Place the plastic coated side down on the mat and then cut.
 Weed out the excess vinyl.
 Repeat for the blue and white
 I've never done this complex of layering my HTV,
so this was a lot of fun to see the image take life!
 4 pieces, easy.
 Start with the white circle.
Place it plastic side up and cover with a tea towel and then iron it for a minute or 2 on high.
 Lift off the towel and remove the plastic cover.
 Next the blue whale.
Like up where it should go and place it plastic side up.
Cover and iron.
Then the whale belly.
Place the white belly where it should go, cover with towel and iron.
 Finally the "no" sign.
Same procedure!
 After I made my shirt, my youngest decided he wanted one too.
Easy, just made another with the same cut files.
If you are interested in making one yourself, email me and I'll send you the files!
 This guy got a glow-in-the-dark background!
We had a blast at the Studio C Party!
We were super lucky and got to meet Mallory and Jason,
Our favorite cast members!
My kids were starstruck for sure!!!
 It was so much fun!
We laughed so hard and had such a fun family night!
Do you watch Studio C?
What is your favorite sketch?
Who is your favorite cast member?

Here's my top ten (11) in no particular order:

Aww Yeah
Lord of the Potter
Sherlock Meets His Match
Doctor Who (Tenth Doctor Deleted Scene)

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