1THE Water Filter System Review!

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1THE Water Filter System Review!
I was lucky enough to get to review this Mineral Pro Water Filter System!
I received this for free in exchange for this review

We have a water filter in our basement and it is wonderful, but it has a tank and is
 constantly running out of water.  We decided to get a new one to put upstairs in our kitchen
 and wanted a tankless system so we have water on demand! 
 They have 2 varieties of filter systems, either Mineral Pro or UF Pro Set. 
 I received the Mineral Pro.
There are 3 canisters for filtration, plus the attachments, hose and hook ups.
We drilled a hole right through our countertop...
And put everything together underneath the sink.
Until we tried to attach the shut off valve and
Ah, so we ran to the box hardware store to find adapters...we thought we had it figured out...but no.
We had to go back to the store and try again...still no.
So we gave up for a day.
Next day we went to a Plumbers specialty store and they helped us find the pieces that would make
our filter work.  It was an additional $15.
The valve that comes with the package is 1/2 inch threaded ends...our sink had 3/8 inch.
So checking that will save your husband (or yourself) a headache.
We got it all installed!
Then we let the water run for about 5 minutes to get the filters working and the charcoal discharged.
The water comes out milky white because of all the air bubbles!
It just takes seconds for the bubbles to dissipate.
Then it's crystal clear and delicious!
We did a side by side comparison of the tap water and the filtered
water and the filter is so much better! 
After the set up process we are really happy about it!

Check out our Kitchen remodel that we did this year.
We love it!
Here's the before:

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