Happy Halloween and Store Bought Cookie Hack!

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 Happy Halloween!
I love Halloween.
Not because of the gore or scariness...but just because I love dressing up!
I'll really use any excuse to dress up fun!
My husband and I met on Halloween night 1999.
I was going to go dancing at the LDS institute at the U of U with 3 of my friends.
We got all ready to go and one of my friends, Sheri, said that she invited her older brother to come too, because he just broke up with his girlfriend.  It was love at first sight.
Although, we didn't dance that night and didn't start dating for a couple more months.
However, we got married the next June.
That's me on the far left side and my future husband in the center!
Good memories about Halloween.
Since I love dressing up so much, perhaps it's rubbed off onto my food.
I love "dressing up" store bought cookies.
Most of the work is already done.
 I just pick up a box of store bought cookies.
They are fine as is...but I like to just add some chocolate drizzle for a fancy look.
Plus I like chocolate and nothing goes better with peanut butter cookies than chocolate.
 I just laid the cookies out on a baking sheet with a mat.
These silicone mats are so easy to clean up.
 Melt some chocolate wafers and drizzle them over the top.
I just drizzle it with a spoon.  You could use a piping bag, but that is just one more thing to clean.
And I like the globs of chocolate.
 Then let the chocolate set back up and they are ready to serve!

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