The Cake is a Lie! Portals Rumored Layered Cake DIY!

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The Cake is a Lie! Portals Rumored Layered Cake DIY!
 The Cake is a Lie!
Perfection for a Portal Party!
 Rather than having the cake be a lie,
we made a layered cake that was delicious and moist!
First, bake 4 8" round cakes and freeze them.
I used box cake mix and store bought frosting and whipped topping.
Place some frosting on the plate.
 "level the cake"
I did a crappy job, but whatever.
 Then add cream, try to level that out too.
 Add another layer of cake and repeat the cream.

Repeat with all layers.
 Top with the final cake layer.
 Level it out with a serrated knife.
 Add frosting to the top.
 And thick layer of frosting all around the cake.
This will smooth over any gap in cake or cream.
Work quick while the cream is still cold.
 Get it covered and put it in the fridge.
 When you are ready to serve,
get whipped cream and cherries.
 Add 8 dollops on the edges and one in the middle.
Top a cherry on each one and a candle in the middle.
Don't be Ratman, eat the cake.
Great for our Portal party, come back tomorrow to see the whole party!

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Unknown said…
you did a great job! thanks for the freezing idea, never thought of that