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DIY Portal Gun!

 DIY Portal Gun!
About 4 months ago, my son asked me to make him a portal gun.
I looked it up and saw this:
 So, it felt a little overwhelming at first.
Then I walked through the dollar store and found the perfect pieces to make this!
 I used a waste basket and a chubby wiffle bat!
Cut the basket with a hobby knife
cut little bits at a time until it fits around the bat.
 Then use E6000 glue and glue the bat inside the basket.
 Let it dry completely.
 Then add a curl of the waste basket to the other end.
I tacked it in place with a couple of very small screws.
Next, black pipecleaners and a small drill bit.

 Drill holes and thread the pipe cleaners through.
Twist them around to look like wires and pincers.
 I had my silhouette Cameo cut out the Aperture Science logo
and weeded the vinyl.
I lightly sanded the waste basket to make the vinyl adhere a little better.
Then peeled off the transfer tape.

Then I wanted to add a little glowing blue rod.
So I drilled a couple holes and threaded the pipe cleaners through them and tied a glow stick on top.
 I love it!
Most importantly, my son loves it!
We used it as a key decoration at the Portal Party, but now it's his toy.
 It's awesome to take $3.88 and make it into a fantastic geekery game prop!
 This would be great for cosplay, costumes, Halloween,
or other geekery!
Come back for more Portal week, parties and ideas!

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