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 We had an early Christmas!
 asked us to review a product and let you know what we think!

My youngest son received a Do Art Travel Easel from
Faber-Castell Premium Children’s Art Products

I believe that everyone has different talents and abilities.
I am totally a fan of creativity and helping kids embrace their talents and creative skills...
it's so good for brain development and fine motor skills,
it makes them feel accomplished and happy...
it's just all around good therapy.

And it's certainly a great break from the epidemic of electronics overload!

My youngest son, age 5, has fought me all the way.
His idea of capital punishment was coloring a picture with crayons.

Here's how the miracle happened.
 My 5 year old received this Travel Easel. ($35)
 He instantly had ownership of it.  It was his and only his.
He was mesmerized, captivated and excited to begin creating!
Look at this adorable Robot he drew!
(probably his best drawing ever...and he's smiling!)
There's 2 drawers and lots of options!
A black chalkboard with chalk, a dry erase board and marker,
and an clip board for paper with crayons, markers and colored pencils.
All in one compact case.  I love that part!
He is careful with his supplies and puts them away
every time he uses them...bonus!

He loves having options.  He loves having it be his own art set.
He loves to draw now--he does it when he has free time!
I mean, I don't know why I didn't think of this sooner!
I am the most completely satisfied mother ever.

Faber-Castell Premium Children’s Art Products:
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