Creativity for Kids!

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 We had an early Christmas!
Creativity for Kids
 asked us to review a few products in the $20-$30 range
and let you know what we think!

2 of my children received a Creativity for Kids set.
(Check out this post for the Faber-Castell Premium Children'ts Art Products!)
{These activity sets were the only things I wanted for
Christmas and birthday gifts all growing up.}
 We opened them right away and the kids played for hours...seriously hours straight!

My daughter, age 9, is the most creative, artistic and crafty little woman I know.
Seriously, she gets it from her mom.  :)

She got the Creativity for Kids Tape-a-Doodle kit! ($20)
It's the cutest little doodle journal and she loves it!

This is just what a tween or young teen loves!
It's got bright mini markers and patterned tape rolls.
She feels like a grown up using more technical supplies.

The journal has outlined pictures just the width of the patterned tape.
They she can just roll it on and write all her thoughts...
She loves to write all about herself in the book, it will make the
perfect journal to look back and remember the things she
loved when she was nine.  The perfect keepsake.

Here's my oldest son, age 11.
(and he was nice to let his sister play along too, she can't resist!)

He received the Creativity for Kids X-treme Sticker Maker Comic Book Collection! ($30)
 I really wasn't sure what he would think...
but it was a HIT for sure!
It takes creativity up a notch and adds some technology!
It comes with chipboard printed images...some on shiny metalic paper,
some that glow in the dark and some with a black velvet outline!  Fancy stuff!
It's got the X sticker maker, markers and a comic book.
And it comes with one refill for the sticker maker!

 So, he picks an image and colors it...

The image easily pops out of the page...
Put it on the "slide" as my son calls it.
 Pull the tape gently at the bottom,

 And your sticker is instantly created!

 Tear it off, remove the plastic film on the top and presto!
 You've turned your art into a sticker!
My son loves it!
But the fun doesn't stop there.
The comic book is full of backgrounds that need stickers to tell the story!

I love these sets.
They are easy enough for kids but they feel like they are doing something amazing!
Boosting their confidence, creativity and talents.

 Thankfully Creativity for Kids has tons of other sets too,
that way I can get some more for them for Christmas.
If you have kids, grand-kids, nieces or nephews, or know kids...
I highly recommend Creativity for Kids for a great gift idea!

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