Duck Tape® Holiday Mailbox Bow!

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I love duct tape...and I love Duck® Brand Duck Tape!
Here's how to make a fabulous Holiday bow for your mail box that is totally waterproof!

You'll need duct tape...and Duck Tape® has beautiful Holiday patterns!
Or sports team your colors!
How cute would it be made of this?
You'll also need some tie wire...and non stick scissors are the BEST,
but whatever cuts it is great!
To begin, make 4 18 inch strips of tape, double sided...
so it's not sticky, and it's like stiff ribbons!
Take one and fold it in half.  Take 18" of tie wire and wrap it
around the middle and twist it tight.

Like so.  The tape holds its shape great and gathers perfectly!
Wrap over one end to the center
To make a big loop
And twist it with the wire.  Just 2 twists is all it takes...
No need for overkill!
Wrap the other end and twist.
That will use one entire strip.
Repeat with the next strip...starting with it slightly off
so the loops show like a star.
fold over and twist
Both ends...
Then use the third strip and do it again,
filling the last little piece of the star shape.
Set that piece aside and do the top piece now.

Get you 4th strip of tape...and another 18" piece of tie wire.
Start at the end and make a circle. Twist it off with the wire.
Then use that "tail" piece to make loops and tie them off in the center.
Like this.
And this.
Then, because I had no idea how long of a piece I needed,
I ran out of length.  So I made another piece of tape, with
a little sticky end showing and just taped it right on!
These are things you just can't do with ribbon!

Continuing looping until your top piece has 6 loops
 and a center loop!
keep going.

Now you have 2 pieces.
Big loop base and small loop topper!
Use the remaining wires to loop the 2 pieces together.
Twist wires at the underside tight!
I used the excess wires to tape it on my mailbox.

Cut 2 strips for tails...I like the pinked edge.
Tape on the back of the bow.
 Tape a strip  of tape that fits around your mailbox and
Tape the wires of the bow right where you want it!
So cute and festive!  It might stay up all year!
Or until I make one with patterned Duck Tape®!
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Unknown said…
This is a great idea to decorate outdoors during the holidays! And I cannot believe this is duct tape :)
Kristina said…
I'm going to the store to get duct tape today! I haven't been too excited about projects this season... but I can't wait to do this!