Christmas Pinwheel wreath with Astrobright paper!

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Create a beautiful wreath for Christmas with Paper Pinwheels!
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Here's what you'll need:
Squares of patterned paper
Squares of Astrobright paper (same sizes)
rhinestones or faceted buttons
hot glue
wreath form
glue dots

I cut the paper into squares of 3 different sizes. 6", 4" and 2.5"
The Astrobright paper is the best part of these pinwheels!
It's so pretty to have those bright pops of color show through!

Take 1 patterned paper and 1 astrobright of the same size.

Run tape over the edges of one, and press them together.

So the color will peek through.

Fold into a triangle. Open and then fold into a triangle the other direction.
This divides it into quarters.

Cut the fold lines 3/4's of the way toward the center.

leaving about an inch or so in the center.

Stick a pop up glue dot on the center of the pinwheel...
you can have the colored paper on the inside or the looks good to have a variety!

like so.

Fold in one flap and touch it to about 1/4 of the glue dot.

Repeat for every other flap...making it into an eye catching pinwheel!

See how cool it looks with the bright paper?

Either on the inside or outside!

Add a faceted button or rhinestone with hot glue!

Make a bunch!

I got a willow wreath form at the dollar store. It's 18" diameter.
I made enough pinwheels to fill the wreath and stagger some on top!

Hot glued them in place and added some sparkly glitter tulle netting!

For a fabulous whimsical Christmas wreath!

Perfect for the front door for the Holidays!

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Xayide2 said…
You're sure getting your mileage out of that white tulle that I got for free. I paid for my half and using it in my Christmas cards.

We're making a paper wreath next week with Chelsey. At least she's doing all the cutting for us.