Service Advent Calendar!

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I gave a talk about service and charity last Sunday.
I spoke about how it's easy to get caught up in
 the hustle and bustle of Christmas...
and we should not forget the true meaning of 
Christmas and have the Spirit of Christ.

"When ye are in the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God." 
Mosiah 2:17

Plus, think back on your Christmas past (or other gift giving holidays of the past)
Do you remember everything you got?  Maybe a few things...special things.
But I remember doing things for others.
I remember serving and working with my family.
I want my kids to remember stuff like that too!
 I decided then I should do a SERVICE Advent Calendar!
(since then, of course, I've seen many online...but I really did
think of this without outside inspiration)

 I had the daughter cut out 25 envelopes with my big shot and a square envelope die.
You could also have your silhouette do this...
 We printed off our slips of daily service...
 And got the frame ready to clip them on.

I lined them up to make sure I had enough...
 Used twine and just casually wrapped it around the frame.
I just used what I had on hand...fine and dandy!

 I had some vinyl stickers that I used to number them.

 I had the calendar on hand, so I could be random...but also not
put things like...'Write a card for the Librarians'
 on a day that the Library is closed.
It's "controlled randomness"!

 Inserted the slips into the envelope and numbered them on the spot.
Clipped them back on...

 Easy!  Hopefully it will help my family serve and love this time of year,
and less time thinking of themselves...or material things.

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Hykel said…
I LOVE that idea!
I'm such a sucker for Advent Calendars. I would have a million if I could.
Unknown said…
do you have "daily service" printables?! That would be amazing for inspiration to do this with my family! What an amazing idea!