Ginormous paper flowers!

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10:00 AM
I have had reams of colored paper for years.
I wondered if I would ever use it... 
These ginormous flowers turned
 out to be just the thing!

 If you can make a rosette,
this is a breeze...but bigger!
If you've never made a rosette...check out this.
I bet you'll be a pro after 1 or 2!

I used whole sheets of paper and cut 
them into rough petal shapes.
Lots of colors too!
I used 1 sheet cut into a 'sort of' circle...
and then cut in a spiral, leaving the edges about 1 1/2 to 2 " wide.
Starting on the outside edge of the spiral,
 I rolled it into a rosette...
Hot gluing periodically--to make a spiraled little bud.
Hot glued it into place on the circular base that remained.
Then with 2 smaller sized petals cut from the paper...
I began gluing them on the bud.

Glued larger and larger petals on until it "looked" right.
Crafts are an 'eyeballing it' game.
Then roll the petals toward the base...
No glue here, they will just make a natural curl and relax.
Pretty huh?
Add some giant leaves on the bottom edge...
Gigantic, ginormous, wonderful paper flowers!
We used these as decoration at my 
daughter's Princess Party!
 To hang my flowers on the ceiling...
I used thick twine and tied it around the backside of the bud...
It was pretty secure.  Then I used a corsage pin and pinned it
 through the twine and into the ceiling...

**Update August 2012**
I won the Astrobright Paper Flower Contest with these!
Wahoo!  $200!

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Xayide2 said…
I wondered how you did that. They look awesome. :)