Photograph Picture Scavenger Hunt for Kids!

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10:30 AM

Photograph Scavenger Hunt for Kids!

Need a fun activity to do with the kids? One of my daughter's favorite things to do is borrow my phone and use the camera to take as many pictures as she can... We end up with stuff like this:

So, I made up a game for her. It's a photo scavenger hunt...feel free  to print it off for your kiddos! (It's also a pretty fun group date...each couple splits  up and they meet back up to share photos) I print this out... put on a clipboard with a pen attached by a string (so official!)

 And let her take the camera.  She is 7 and very careful. You could just let your kids go and find things and check off the boxes without the camera...that is fun too!

Picture Scavenger Hunt for Kids!

Right click to save off and print!

Then we end up with cute pictures like this:
I love how she set things up specifically for the check box.

It's cute how she set up her little squinkies!

And tucked her Lalaloopsy into bed!

And this robot too, haha!

What sparkly, shiny things will you find to take pictures of?