Yard Sale List...formulating

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10:30 AM
Every year around Pre-yard sale season
I formulate a list of things I would like to find at yard sales.
These range from sensible things like the next size up 
of clothes and shoes for my kids, a rice cooker, things I
 can resell, supplies for projects...to weirdly specific things.  
I have been very blessed and have been able to find mostly
 everything I need/want at yard sales or second hand stores.

This week we are moving to North Carolina,
which I hear is yard sale/antique store/estate sale/furniture capital of the world...
(anyone from or been to NC that can clarify this?)
 So, my list has begun.  Here is the start:

Some awesome vintagey chairs.

Owl cookie jar...since this one is my sisters!  
Ahh, how did she score this for only $1!  
I can't even google images of owl cookie jars this amazing!

 Silver teapot and sugarbowl...don't drink tea ever, but they are so darling!

 Here's the catch...they have to be in my price range.
Wish me luck!
I'll be adding to the list, I am sure!


Mary said…
Love, your list. I hope your able to find an owl cookie jar at a great price. Good luck with your move.

Unknown said…
I have lived in the heart of North Carolina all of my life and yes, it's a yard seller's nd antique/thrift store shoper's paradise. Welcome to NC!!