Leap Year day!

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10:30 AM
It's an extra day of the year!  :)
Okay, so I am embarking on my big move at 3 a.m. (Thurs)
Myself, my mom, and my 3 kids are taking the train across the country to NC.
We are excited! 
We've been reading Harry Potter together...so
 they are ready for the Hogwart's Express!
Wish us luck!

So my Grandpa Sperry loved trains!
He had tons of model trains.  
We went on a couple little train rides with him. 
 The kind of old time train that just goes one way down the 
track...stops...and then reverses back.
I feel like taking the train on this trip reminds me of him.
He has his own museum at Lagoon, Pioneer Village in Farmington, UT.
I pasted this from Wikipedia for my posterity's sake.

David E. Sperry’s Model Train Museum

 David E Sperrys Model Train Museum The Lagoon Miniature Railroad.jpg

The David E. Sperry Model Train Museum contains dozens of model trains, most of which are from the collection of David E. Sperry. Sperry’s fascination with trains began in 1928 when he saw an electric train in a friend’s sandbox. From 1930 to 1934 he went through many catalogs and store displays in an effort to increase his collection. In 1935 he was hired by ZCMI as a model train salesman. Over the next sixteen years, he helped customers build their own train layouts both in the store and in their homes. He later joined the local and national train collectors clubs where he received the title, "The Repairman’s Repair Man."