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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Wish in a Bottle Necklace!

 Wish in a Bottle Necklace!
Cute and delicate little dandelion seeds in a bottle!
 You will need a dandelion (at least 1 seed with the fluff attached)
Bottle with cork (got mine from Oriental Trading)
Gold Chain
Brass blanks
Metal Alphabet stamps

 Open the bottle and slide one or 2 dandelion seeds inside.
I did 2.
 They are so cute!
 Put the cork back in
 Next I used brass blanks and the metal stamp set.
With the word WISH
 Here's how we do the impression

After some pounding on the anvil, they look adorable!
 Use a sharpie to draw over the impression and get the ink deep in the grooves
 Then use a dry magic eraser and rub the top surface to wipe off the
 Then attach the bottle to a chain and the wish tag with pliers and a jump ring!
 I love it!
Fun to wear a wish around your neck!
 Great gift idea too--fun for Valentine's!
Make a Wish!

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