Thursday, September 24, 2015

Over 50 DIY Shirts!

We love customizing T-shirts!
It's a great way to make exactly what you want...for less!
Great for gifts too!
Here's over 50 that we've done!

Funny Pi Shirt!

Avengers Tee


Apple Bloom



Ombre Dalek


Pick Carefully

Hello Sweetie!

Lego Head

Jewelry Tee

Nerd Alert



Whimsyshire Cloud

Boba Fett

Captain America Tie Dye

Do It Yourself Shirt!

Dragon Medallion

Have a Good One!

Galaxy Shirt

Giraffapegacorn Shirt!

Halloween Tie Dye!
 Hobbit Shirt

 Minecraft Creeper Shirt!

Humerus Shirt

Little Teapot!

 Ironman Hoodie

Lion and Unicorn

Love my Wife Shirt

Maud Pie

I'm the Doctor

Moby What?

American Flag Striped Tie Dye!

Pi Day shirts

Pinkie Pi Shirt!

Muscle Pi!

Pony Mane 6 Shirt

Rainbow Dash Shirt

Custom Tees

Safety Third!

Explain it shirt

Basically It's the Eyebrows

Heart Tie Dye Shirt

Tie Dye Party!

Bad Wolf Shirt

Cyberman Shirt

Dinosaurs on a Spaceship Shirt!

Cup-a-Soups Shirt!

Sonic Coolness Shirt!

Doctor Who Shirts!

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Penelope Pitstop said...

Oh my goodness! Loved all the t-shirts, but I think I enjoyed all the pics of your blond headed cuties even more! They are such good sports to model for you, and it's fun to watch them grow! :-)

The Chilly Dog said...

Adorable shirt ideas! I am a huge nerd and make matching shirts whenever we do a big family vacation.

AguasGirl said...

I found this humorous as well!!! It was so fun to see them all on one post!

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