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Monday, June 16, 2014

Houndstooth Pattern Polymer Clay!

 I know it's super sloppy...
but HOUNDSTOOTH pattern made from clay?
I am totally inspired now!
Here's the step by step.
White and black clay...in 4 pieces.
2 white, 2 black.  Same size.
 Cut in diagonal.
Mismatched black and whites...
and then gently pressed together in a square fashion.
This is the tedious part.
 Gently press each side evenly.
smooth it back, roll it with a small roller.
 Until it makes a cane.
Cut off the ends with a blade and see how well you did!
Okay, pretty sloppy...but still cool!
I cut the cane in fourths...then stacked them...
Then repeat.
Press gently on all four sides.
Smooth with a roller and form another cane.

And then cut and put more pieces together.
Find something to do with it!  ha ha ha!

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