Union Jack Manicure!

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12:00 PM
Union Jack!
 Awesome Union Jack Manicure!
I got these Union Jack pattern polymer clay canes from Wholeport
They send me products I want to blog about!
And these are right down the Doctor Who alley for me!
They are soft clay...but have been baked, so they can't be stretched or molded.

 But they slice easily with an x-acto knife.
 Then I just used clear nail polish...you could use nail glue.

 added a dot of it...
 Stuck on a thin layer of the Union Jack...

 And clear coated the whole nail...
 Repeat and let dry!

Taking it out for a spin!

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Unknown said…
Eccelston and Piper...the post didn't need anything else...except maybe a little Tennant thrown in :)