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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Jeweled Button Christmas Tree Art!

 I posted this last year, but it was featured in
 Kids Craft 1-2-3 magazine...so I thought I'd pull it out again!

All you need is some burlap in a frame...
Green and brown cardstock
and buttons!
Oh yeah, and hot glue or glue dots!

Cut your cardstock.
Green in a big Isosceles triangle...and the brown as a little trunk.
I used glue dots to glue that right on my frame.
(I put the burlap in the frame under glass,
 because I have a texture issue with touching burlap)
 Then sort through all your buttons.
I started with buttons in greens and browns...and then
 added sparkly ones like little ornaments!
 Use hot glue or glue dots to stick them all in place!
Set it up and admire throughout the month!
Great craft for kids too!
Here's some others we've done:

Pumpkin buttons

Snowman Buttons

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