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Snowman Buttons!

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Here's something my daughter whipped up...it's a great kids craft!
Take an excited child.
Hailee came to me and asked if she could do a button snowman on 
a frame.  She had it all planned out and the darling 8 year old just needed
my permission and supplies!
She went through the buttons and before I knew it, she
had them in labeled bags!  Seriously adorable!
Then she cut out the background of the snowman.

We taped him right to a blue paper fit inside a frame with no glass.

She used little glue dots to stick every button on exactly as she wanted!

I just popped in to take pictures...proud mom moment!

Because it doesn't have to fit in glass, the stick hands could
overlap the frame for the perfect holiday decoration!  I love it!

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Jen said...

Way too cute!

Jocelyn said...

that is super adorable! i love how excited she was to do her idea!!! Fun!!!

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