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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Painted and Polished Rocks!

 I love painting rocks!
I grew up in Utah and river washed stones were easy to find!
It's so fun and great for kids too!
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 I found this one that looked like an ice cream cone...
 so I painted it...and this little boy came to my house the other day and seriously tried to eat it!
 This was the first rock I painted when I was about 10...Wow, they hold up for a long time!!
 And I found this one last year...it looks like a worry stone!
I love rocks!  I used a rock tumbler kind of like this one!

I loved it...then for some reason we parted with the tumbler in a move...
But, here are the rocks I did!  :)

I love how some of them are clear like glass--okay, maybe hard to tell from the picture...

Now we've moved across the country...North Carolina to be exact!
And the rocks here are rough and pointy...not good for painting!
I need to get another tumbler--that might solve my rough rock dilemma!

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1 comment:

Kristina said...

Jefferson has one you can borrow, whenever you feel the urge to tumble.

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