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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Ribbon Storage!

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I tried to be organized with my ribbon...
I got a bunch of jars and had them color coordinated,
but they were just shoved in...and came out all wrinkled!

I saw a genius idea from someone on pinterest!
So I pulled out all my ribbon...wrapped and pinned them around
tongue depressor sticks and put into a larger jar!

Now I have lace, spools and scraps!
Organized and takes up WAY less space!
 The other day I needed some ivory ribbon.  I found it fast,
unwrapped it and it wasn't creased or wrinkled!
High 5 on this system!

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Bronwyn said...

Love it! Pinned it and as soon as I move house I will do it!

tibby said...

I did the very same thing, though just with decorative purposes, with old fashion clothes pegs that I bouught in Ikea. The ribbon doesn't get the fold marks that way ;-)

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