Halloween Jewelry and Beaded Spider!

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(We always sang Eeency Weeency)

Well...in the mighty spirit of Halloween,
I made a spider necklace with some beads and wire I already had.
(My goal is to use what I already have instead of buying a bunch of new stuff!)

I love Halloween Jewelry!

Here's what you'll need:
Black faceted beads (I had a broken necklace)
1 large body, 1 round head and lots of leg beads...and a few seed beads
You could use just seed beads for the legs and make them more delicate!
Also flexible wire and pliers.
Start by cutting 4 4 inch pieces of wire.
And a long piece for the body...I didn't measure,
and it will vary depending on your size of beads.
Wrap the long wire through the spider head bead...bring
it around and twist it tight.

Take the legs and fold them in half.  Wrap them
around the long twisted wire and twist them
once to keep them in place like so.

Slide on the body bead and squish it up into those wire legs!
Then take the twisted body wire and wrap it on the
 underside of the body bead and wrap it around and
 around by those leg wires...this kind of holds the whole thing in place.

At this point I had a little 4 year old
volunteer sit right next to me and
look at me with puppy eyes and want to help!
So happy that he is excited about projects!

Anyway, begin beading the legs!

I fit about 5 or 6 beads per leg with a tiny
seed bead to secure it at the end.
And I switched to my jewelry pliers.
Bead the legs so you have a little wire still showing.
This is about a quarter inch.

Then use your pliers to wrap the wire around the
 seed and back through the last leg bead hole.
Then proceed to do all 8 legs.
Until you have a beautiful faceted spider!
I already had a faceted black choker, so I attached
a short length of chain to the wire under the
body and hooked it on my necklace!
You could use fishing line or more wire...
you could make them earrings!
I got these BAT and RUBY earrings last year as an
 "After Halloween" Clearance sale.
I love those!
But these earrings are SOOOOO heavy!
Who does that?

So I promptly turned one into a necklace pendant!

With the other,
I used wire cutters to cut off the pendant loop on the bats head.

Added E6000 to a ring back and turned it into a matching ring!

And I did the same with the ruby pendant!

Then I had these little spider earrings.
Not too heavy...but the real fact of the matter
 is that I don't wear earrings.
My ears get oober infected easily, and it's not worth it...
and I am not about to be a real gold snob on my budget.
I turned one spider into a necklace...
I had some cool black chain already!
And one into a Ring!

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Katie Drane said…
Wow, wonderful!

That spider is amazing! I love it, perfect for Halloween!
Unknown said…
Wonderful crafts. I most especially like the last piece because it stands out. Can't wait to try making it. Hope I will be able to make one that is as nice as this.
- SWCreations.net
Anonymous said…
Wow!I wish I saw these ideas before halloween! :)

Aremby said…
This is brilliant; I also have a broken necklace with a large, flat central bead and variously sized beads. It's too good to throw away and I've been wondering what I could do with it for ages, and now I'm inspired to recycle it for next Hallowe'en. My necklace is in light brown/grey with red streaks so the finished spider look even spookier! Thank you for sharing!