Just Meats Meal Box: Honest Review & Taste Test

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Just Meats Meal Box: Honest Review & Taste Test

Let's get into a thorough and honest review of Just Meats--taste test at the end!

If you don't already know me here at Doodlecraft, you should know that I love crafting.

Especially now that the daylight shines a little longer in the evenings--I can craft later and be lulled by a false sense of security by the light!

I get carried away making crafts, painting, laser cutting and creating and it happens more often than not--I get totally engrossed in a project and then look at the clock and BAM! it's already dinner time. (why do we have to eat every day--multiple times a day?)

Like everyone is already hungry, I didn't have a meal planned and now there's no time to thaw meat from the freezer--or bake chicken in the oven for an hour or more.

I usually end up making grilled cheese, quesadillas or something from a can.

That's where Just Meats saves the day!

I'm now an affiliate for Just Meats and affiliate links are included in this post.

I received this box of Just Meats in exchange for my honest opinion.

  • Just Meats is a meal kit delivery for Just Meats...it's a little different because it's already cooked and ready to simply heat up.
  • It's the protein superstar, and the hardest part of the meal already cooked and ready--it's super convenient!
  • The packages are 1 pound cooked weight, and 4.5 servings per package--1 package still feeds my whole family of 5 adult sized people!
  • There's 15 excellent quality varieties to chose from--say goodbye to boredom--plus they cycle in new options every other month!
  • Between just over $2 to $5 a serving--way lower than other meal delivery kits!
  • Even though I received this box as an ambassador, I've also subscribed to get more Just Meats delivered every month!

Let's cut to the meat of the post...since it's very wordy:

✅​Just Meats saves time.
✅​Just Meats is convenient.
✅​Just Meats has variety.
✅​Just Meats is affordable. (and coupons are stackable)
✅​Just Meats is delicious.
✅​Just Meats checks all the boxes.

Read for ALL the details!

➡️​I like to be VERY upfront about costs.

➡️​I'm not a fan of reading long posts and never seeing a financial breakdown.

➡️​Check out these offers, plug some meats into the shopping cart at Just Meats and see for yourself!

Special Offers Include:

You can subscribe for meat delivery services and save (every 15 or 30 days)--or you can absolutely do one-time purchases.

  • Subscribers can save 25% on the first box, get a free meat, as well as have access to exclusive meat options...and can customize or cancel at any time.
  • Subscribers can get 10% off your future boxes.
  • Plus you can stack my promo code for additional savings on your FIRST subscription box--that $15 off will make it feel like free shipping!

Use the promo code: JSTDOODLE for $15 off your subscription box purchase at Just Meats!

Plus, you can earn free meat when filling up your shopping cart--certain dollar amount spent equals additional pounds of meat! 

You need to spend at least $75 and then additional free meat unlocks at $125.

The monthly subscription services make it easy to select what you want to get and then forget it--or change or cancel it at any time! Changing the products that are delivered each month is super easy!

Your first subscription box awards you 25% off and a free meat...plus you can stack my coupon and get $15 off that--making a $125 order cost less than $80 before tax and shipping.

I think it is totally worth signing up for the subscription box and at least getting one or 2 boxes--then decide if it's right for you long term and enjoy the ease of ready to eat, high quality protein!

Top-quality meat will arrive in no time--shipping (varies around $10-20) is done carefully and based on the day you order, so that your meat will arrive as fresh as can be and not left to sit on a truck over the weekend.

They arrive frozen and shrink wrap packaged in an insulated large box with ice packs.

The meals are vacuum shrink wrap sealed and come with a Just Sauce packet for the reheating process...it doesn't look like a lot of meat in the package--but it is!

Say hello to convenience, deliciousness, variety and affordability!

This is my first experience with a meal delivery kit.

I have to say, I'm sold.

I don't mind making meals, I typically make our biggest meal for lunch, and a lighter meal for dinner time.

I do feel like there is an unequal amount of time in the preparation of food, clean up and cooking...compared to how quickly it is consumed. 

It's easy to feel like I'm a slave in kitchen jail on days when I'm cooking for hours at a time.

I love the option of having Just Meats in my freezer for days when I know I'll be busy, but don't want junk food and the expense of eating out.

They are ready to go, can be reheated or eaten cold if that's your thing.

They are perfect for meal prepping, clean eating and getting daily requirements of protein.

Just Meats is more affordable than eating out.

It's so easy and my family is impressed too!

Just Meats comes in 1 pound (1 lb.) packages.

They are shrink wrapped real tight.

They are rated for 4.5 servings each package.

I think that they could easily feed a family of 4-6, especially if you have smaller children.

My teenage son (15) easily eats the most in our family, so I'm feeding 5 adult sized people off one package and it works great--we are all full.

They are easy to portion for single servings and save in the fridge for the next day or store smaller portions in the freezer for later--perfect for individuals and couples!

First Thing--The Big Problem:

Until now, there was only 3 main ways to get meat: grocery stores, restaurants and online meal services.

  • Grocery stores are limited to what is on the shelf, waiting in lines, buying other items while in the store and busy stores.
  • Restaurants are expensive, prepared by employees who don't care, extra cost of delivery, limited options and takes a lot more time--plus not really sure where the meat came from or how long it's been frozen.
  • Online meal services are filled with cheap filler ingredients, have poor taste, poor quality of the meat or taste manufactured...and most meal services STILL need to be cooked and prepared yourself.

Just Meats solves these issues:

  • No waiting in lines--no busy shopping centers--no drive--no hassle!
  • Variety--15 different meats always available! (they rotate additional flavors in every other month)
  • Already masterfully cooked!
  • Best thing--heating up is a breeze and the meat is perfectly ready in 2 minutes!

Just Convenience:

I love Just Meats because it is masterfully cooked when delivered and just takes 2 minutes to heat back up with the Just Sauce.

It's so fast--dinner can be ready in mere minutes! (my first meal took 8 minutes from start to finish--and we ate together for 15 minutes--so that's a win!)

Best part? It's straight forward and easy enough for my family members to do the heating up.

Just Meats works great for meal prepping and healthy eating with delicious meats for high-quality proteins--and most of the meats contain no sugar added!

There have been days where I'm tired, exhausted or have been busy all day that instead of making a great home cooked meal, we go out to eat--and that adds $$$ up fast.

I love this--it does not take a long time to make wonderful meals at home...even on a busy night filled with extra curricular activities.

Quit stressing about meal preparation!

Just Deliciousness:

Let's talk about the taste.

Just Meats is really cooked to perfection...that's their claim and I'm here to tell you, they are right!

They are already seasoned, so there is variety and excitement in every dish.

There's no added colors, flavors, preservatives, seed oils, or antibiotics...and no added sugar in majority of the varieties.

The meat is are grass fed and grass-finished beef from local ranches in the Rocky Mountain region of the USA (right near my hometown) and cared for by professionals and ethical practices.

The meat, including grass-fed beef is delivered into the hand of the chef who takes the time to marinate the meat overnight, seasons them and smokes, grills or bakes the meat to perfection.

I mean, I'm a great cook in the kitchen, but this is cooked consistently better than I can for sure.

Sometimes I undercook or overcook meat and it's a big waste of time and money...but Just Meats meals turn out perfect every single time!

Impress your taste buds today!

Just Variety:

I could totally eat the same thing every day and be good with it. (looking at you pizza)

My family, however, craves variety.

It's important to mix up the menu for family dinners or they will tire of what I "usually make". 

Just Meats has a selection of meats with new flavors and products added every other month.

This makes variety easy and delicious.

Packages are measured for 4.5 servings, but I find just one pound of meat is enough for my family of 5 adults size humans with a full meal.

If you are single, a couple or a small family and don't use all the meat in one sitting, it's easy to seal and put in the fridge for the next day, or keep in the freezer until needed.

With other meal kits, you have more issues with items being in the dish that people at the table don't like.

With Just Meats it's easy to let the protein be the star and add the side dishes your family will love.
Just pick the type of meat you love or try something new!

Pro Tip: It's easy to make each night of the week a different base: pasta, tortillas/chips, rice, potatoes, bread, soup/stews or salad...and then add the Just Meats that works best.

Variety of high-quality meats include: 

(may change as they add/rotate specialty meats every other month)

  • Ground Beef Chuck
  • Roasted Chicken Breast
  • Buffalo Chicken Breast
  • Ranch Chicken Breasts
  • Smoked Texas Brisket
  • Hawaiian Shredded Pork
  • Texas Pulled Pork
  • Sweet and Spicy Pork
  • Texas Rub Chicken Thigh
  • Buffalo Chicken Breast
  • Jamaican Jerk Beef
  • Roasted Diced Chicken
  • Lean Ground Turkey
  • Herb Pork Tenderloin
  • Pollo Asado
  • Chimichurri Steak
  • Carne Asada
  • Hawaiian Teriyaki Beef
  • Hawaiian Teriyaki Chicken

Which one of these sounds the best to you?
What Just Meats will you try first?

Please everyone at the table!

Just Affordability:

At first glance I wasn't sure if this would be a good fit for my family...BUT after researching out this post, I realize how financially sound Just Meats is for my family of 5.

Meat loses 25-50% of its weight during cooking, Just Meats gives you 1 pound of cooked meat--no waste...instead of weighing raw with all the fat chunks on it that are cut off before cooking.

When I saw the package of meat shrink wrapped on my counter...I thought "there isn't much meat here for my family"...when I opened the package and saw how much was actually packed in there, I knew it was enough!

When we go out to a restaurant to eat as a family--just one meal ends up costing us between $60-100--for just one meal. If we order pizza, it costs at least $30 for just one meal...and then everyone is hungry again the next day--like clockwork.

Eating out is so expensive (especially with inflation and tips) and that money is at it's best value simply ordering a high quality 6 pack medium box of this amazing Just Meats.

If we skip ordering pizza twice or 3X a month or just don't go out to eat one time in the month---we can have an additional 6 ready to eat meals that are convenient and fast! Talk about economical!

Eating fast food is such a health gamble with fillers, added hormones, colorants and additives that our bodies just do not need. Just Meats is dedicated to the best meat practices without any additives.

Just Meats offers delicious meals at grocery store prices and gives you flavor, quality, ease of preparation and time...seriously checks all the boxes!

Stop wasting money!

Just Meats is different than grocery stores because you are paying for ready-to-eat cooked meat.

Grocery stores charge by weight, including water content (25-50% weight is lost in cooking), excess fat that needs to be trimmed off, skin, and bones. 

Grocery stores with better prices are usually bulk clubs, so you have to buy quite a few pounds of raw meat, process it, freeze it or store it.

All things considered (how much time it save ME, cost, convenience) make Just Meats an economical choice for my family.


When asking a control group online about their meal kit experiences, these are some of the answers I received:

  • Other meal kits are at least $5 a serving and you pay for the same amount of vegetables as protein.
  • Other meal kits are manufactured, contain preservatives and fillers.
  • Other meal kits come with cheap side dishes, usually potatoes or carrots.
  • Other meal kits are only single or 2 servings.
  • Other meal kits still take hours of preparation, planning and clean up.
  • Other meal kits have tiny amounts of protein included, leaving larger adults hungry.
  • Other meal kits have grainy textured meats.
  • Other meal kits have high calories and leave you feeling hungry.
  • Other meal kits cost too much for the quality of the food.
  • Other meal kits only discount the first order.
  • Other meal kits may arrive with defrosted protein.
  • Other meal kits let you pick some parts of the meal but not all of it.
  • Other meal kits offer a great intro price to get you hooked and then it's pricy.

After hearing first hand experience, I can confidently say Just Meats is one of the best meal delivery services available.

Just Meats is the best meat delivery service and takes care of the star of the meal and you can add the easy sides with it...sides your family already likes. (looking at you asparagus--I like it, but no one else in my family will enjoy it.)

I have a family with special dietary needs, allergies to vegetables and fruit are an issue.

I like getting just the meal protein, and adding my own custom sides.

I can make rice, pasta, bread, roasted veggies or potatoes to go with them...or if I am in a hurry and don't want to heat up the house, I can just cut fresh fruit and veggies or a bag of chips!

I can add the sides that my kids prefer and aren't allergic to--and skip the ones that won't get eaten.

Just Meats has healthy proteins for a low carb diet--many of the meats contain NO added sugar.

Clean ingredients and high-quality products. (sorry, no vegan products😂​)

Taste Test Time:


For my first order I got a 6 pound variety of meats ($82 order + 10.95 shipping):
Texas Pulled Pork, Smoked Texas Brisket, Texas Rub Chicken Thigh, Herb Roasted Chicken, Buffalo Chicken Breast and Hawaiian Teriyaki Chicken.

We started with the Texas Pulled Pork. ($3.36 per serving)

Backstory: my husband usually does not like pulled pork because there is so much added sugar. He is not a fan of sweet in his meat. 
I was super pleased that the Texas Pulled Pork was amazing--and had no added sugars!

I put the Just Meats package from the freezer to the fridge overnight and that was enough time for it to thaw for our dinner.

I had a package of 12 brioche slider rolls, sliced cheese, frozen waffle fries and veggies ready--inexpensive sides I knew my family would love.

I pulled out the air fryer and started the waffle fries (which take 8 minutes to cook).

Then I opened the package of Texas Pulled Pork and put it in my skillet on medium-high heat.

I added the Just Sauce, which smells just like a light broth (no sugar added)

Stirred it around and let it simmer for just 2 minutes.

I sliced the slider buns, added some thin sliced cheese and then scooped generous portions of pulled pork on each of the 12 rolls!

I was impressed with the quantity of the pork!

A handful of veggies and a few waffle cut fries were added and it was dinner time!

Then--the angels sang!

Not only was the food prepared from start to finish in less than 10 minutes (because of those air fried waffle fries) it was really good!

✅My 2 sons, ages 20 and 15 both loved it.
✅They felt full, happy and really satisfied...they audibly said "yum" while eating it!
✅My 15 year old son is a great chef and he loved the flavor.
✅My husband loved it too--and loved that it wasn't sugary.
✅I felt completely full after 2 sliders and passed my 3rd slider to the 15 year old.

My daughter was out with a friend, so we used the whole package for just the four of us, but we agreed that it would still be enough food if she had joined us.

So, 4 out of 4 loved it and would definitely enjoy it again!

It's my favorite new way of making dinner--great for everyday or special occasions!

Cost Breakdown for Just Meats Meal:
  • Just Meats Texas Pulled Pork: $13.45 ($3.36 a serving)
  • 12 Brioche Slider Rolls: $3
  • Waffle Fries: $3
  • Veggies: $1

Total: 20.45
for a family of 4 just $5.12 each.

There's barely anywhere you can get a great meal at that price.

If we go out to eat somewhere, it costs our family at least $60 for one meal...at this price, I can make 3 meals for the same price.

Best Part!?
It took 8 minutes to prepare the meal and 15 minutes to eat together!

That's it! Any Questions?

I hope I've answered all the questions you might have about Just Meats and that you feel confident ordering your first highly discounted box.

If you have any other questions, leave a comment and I'll get back to you!

I'm excited about this partnership with Just Meats, it's a time saver, economical and makes sense for my sanity to add a box or two per month in my life.

Pictured is my own box of Just Meats! (again, use my code: JSTDOODLE for $15 off your first box!)

I love all the options and will update you as I try more of them.

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