Boss Level Shirt with Cricut Iron-on Foil DIY

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Boss Level Shirt with Cricut Iron-on Foil DIY!

Take your conference call Zoom t-shirt up to the next level with the Boss level shirt. It's easy to make high quality shirts using a Cricut cutting machine, heat transfer vinyl and an Easypress. I love making shirts! They are fast and inexpensive for a fun, custom finish!

Lots of us have spent more time at home and indoors during the past year than we'd like to admit. Loungewear is all the rage, it's the new black, it's trending. Make some fun shirts to lounge around in, and yet still assert your dominance. 

We're all familiar with the 'Boss level' right? You know when you were a kid...or yesterday, playing video games, fighting from room to room. After a long and arduous battle, the big boss would appear and put you through the paces. 

Some of my favorite Nintendo games were of course, Mario Brothers 1-3, although #2 was my total favorite...I could beat the entire game in just 20 minutes--a little longer if I didn't warp at all. I love Contra, the boss levels were super fun. I liked Mega Man 6 but mostly watched my older brother play it. And I totally love the Legend of Zelda games. Did you have a favorite old school game?

Old school video games were SO MUCH harder than they are now! We couldn't save off the game to reload later...and if we did die, we usually didn't respawn right outside the door...we had to start all the way back on screen numero uno! (I'm looking at you Legend of Zelda 1!) 

It's not really different in today's just save off your game before fighting the big boss. You battle your way through a series of hoards and then face off with the nemesis...who usually appears to be close to death and then boom--all their life is restored! Ugh, what's up with that!?

Alright, let's make this shirt. Great for asserting your authority on your underlings.

Supplies Needed for Boss Level Shirt:

Cricut Iron-on Vinyl (I'm using Black Foil Iron-on)
Shirt or Sweatshirt
Boss Level image (right click to save off)

Step 1: Design

Begin by uploading the boss level image into Cricut Design Space. Then adjust the size to fit your shirt. Mine is 10 inches wide.

Step 2: Cut Image

Click the Make it button on Cricut Design Space and then click the "mirror image" button. Place the foil iron-on vinyl on the mat with the shiny surface sticking to the mat. Then insert the mat into the Cricut machine. Select the type of material you are cutting and click go!

Step 3: Weed

Now remove the cut iron-on and weed the excess vinyl from the cut design. Place the shirt on the Cricut EasyPress Mat and heat up the EasyPress to the recommended settings (found here).

Step 4: Heat to Shirt

Now warm up the shirt with the EasyPress for about 10 seconds. Then place the iron-on on the shirt so the lettering is readable and exactly where you want it placed. 

Then press with the EasyPress for the recommended time. Add some pressure to the press while heating, but no need to stand on it! 

Step 5: Cool Down

This is probably the most important step that is so easy to skip! Don't skip it! Set the warm shirt aside to cool down completely before removing the plastic carrier sheet. If you don't let it cool, the vinyl can easily lift off still. 

Okay, let it cool down and then remove the carrier sheet by rolling it back over the top of itself. Don't pull up!

That's it! You have upped your shirt wearing game with this fun Boss Level shirt. I love the foil black, because it looks like faux leather. It's glossy and shiny--you will love it too! 

You can see the reflection of the shiny vinyl in the sunlight. I've used this awesome iron-on on shirts that are black before and they turn out amazing--check them out here.

Now you can attend your next Zoom conference, staff meeting or homeschool class wearing the perfect shirt to let everyone know where you are at mentally. The 8-bit font works perfectly for this shirt and you can download it free here. 
Then you can design any shirt you want...or make a card to go with it and give it as a gift!

That's it!

Hope you love the Boss Level Shirt!

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