Tombow Design Team Instagram Posts 2020

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Tombow Design Team Instagram Posts 2020!

I loved being on the Tombow Design Team during 2020 and am now looking forward to being on the Brand Ambassador team for 2021.

Each month as part of the Tombow Design Team I did 6 instagram posts. I loved sharing my craft on instagram and made many new followers as part of the team. We were given a topic and asked to create posts based on it. 

Take a scroll through these pictures to see the fun things I created this year! Did you see any of them on instagram this year?

Some of our topics were based on a theme, like favorite fandoms or childhood memories. Others were holiday related. And finally others were product a specific tool, pen or color.

I spent the year getting to know my favorite art supplies! I love the TwinTone Markers for every day use, journal writing, note taking, and more!

I fell in love with the ABT PRO this year. The smooth alcohol based markers that blend together effortlessly.

My all time favorite will always be the Fudenosuke pens. These are the perfect size for letter writing and notes.

I love the bright summer time colors!

I loved finding wonderful quotes and writing them out for instagram posts.

I loved watching my handlettering style change, progress and adapt this year.

I wrote this one on Venice Beach in CA on Jan 1st 2020.

Remember the Pantone color of 2020 was blue!? I did some fun cards.

My favorite time of year is the Summer! 

My most popular posts are little 4 step processes for drawing or lettering.

I loved styling the tools to look fun!

I love my Tombow merch!

Halloween was a fun time for quotes and pumpkins!

Whenever I color with the ABT PRO, I pick 2 of each for coloring and one for shading.

I love the Tombow erasers, they are perfect for fixing all kinds of mistakes.

This easy to draw diamond is perfection!

May was a fun month for mermaid inspiration.

This Harry Potter post did not go well, thanks to fresh slander from JK Rowling. Unfortunately, it had to be taken down. Bummer too, I loved it!

In July, we picked our favorite emoji's.

Inspired by desserts was a fun one!

Flat lay pictures of products are always the funnest.

This mermaid inspired notebook was so fun to make. Just using a glue pen for the white lines. Then painted with Dual Brush Pens and the Water Brush pen.

Easy card making using the Dual Brush Pens for a fun watercolor wash background.

Pencil week was tricky for me. I don't typically use pencils. But I like how this worked out.

I love the rainbow inspired week. These bright Dual Brush Pens are my favorite colors.

I did some faux tie dye posts that were lots of fun for the Summertime.

Classy and Fabulous!

I love watercolor flowers and the Watercolor set is perfect for them.

Hand lettering using the Watercolor set. These colors aren't ones I'd normally place together, but they work really well.

I love making flower cards with ABT PRO!
Just fill a paper with flowers, leaves and other patterns.

We had the privilege of working with other brands, which was fun for me. I love rubber stamps.

Here's another fandom inspired piece. 

And Halloween is my favorite holiday.

Easy doodle cards with ABT PRO and MONO Drawing pens.

This was a strange year and it showed how much more we need to love each other.

I started off the year decorating this cute hot beverage cup as part of a Valentine's day party.

I love this little blushy face emoji!

Pencil shaving curls are so visually pleasing to me!

I love the soft color of watercolor with Dual Brush Pens.

Watercolor washes are my favorite technique and easy to make.

These are fabulous drawing pencils and a homemade notebook.

One of my favorite posts, because it was all about my favorite color, Aqua!

Another fun aqua post, featuring a combo of Dual Brush Pen and Fudenosuke lettering.

I loved Rainbow Brite as a child, so this was a fun week reminiscing of childhood memories.

One of my old time hobbies came up this year, drawing little stick figure families.

I  loved adding a holiday flare to a post using my favorite supplies!

Care Bears was another childhood throwback post. 

I used to draw cute stick figures like this when I was in high school. I made them for all my friends, teachers and neighbors. I brought it back with this family picture...of course since this picture, my youngest son has outgrown me!

Here's a fun spread of Halloween colored products!

Here's another fabulous aqua layout.

Here's a few more family pics I did for some friends.

I painted this hibiscus for emoji week. I love hibiscus flowers, they are my favorite.

More fun card making. These have an ode to the holidays because of the little holly berries. I was intending to send Christmas cards, but didn't. Oh well.

Fudenosuke are my favorite. I wish these pens came in the huge variety of colors of the Dual Brush Pens.

Hope you had a Wonderful holiday season! Thanks for following my journey with Tombow this year. You'll still see me using them during 2021 as a Brand Ambassador, just not as part of an assignment. 

Have you used Tombow supplies? What is your favorite???

If you've scrolled this far, here's my 2021 plan:

Alright, a bit of honesty here. I applied to be on the Tombow 2021 Design Team, but was rejected. The hardest part for me was that it came after 2 other design team rejections...and everyone else on the team that reapplied was selected. 

I spent the greater part of 2 weeks coming to terms with it. I felt like an imposter. I had a lot of things happen all at once to knock down all my pride. I've been rethinking everything, but mostly my why. Why am I doing what I'm doing...what do I want it to look like next.

I'm making some changes for 2021 and won't be posting as much on my blog. I've been hitting it hard, 5 days or more every week for new craft posts...which has been increasingly overwhelming. I was in a great place to attack my blog when my husband was in the military, but now I want to be with him. 

So, I'm moving to 2-3 posts a week, with an increase of updated posts that many of you may not have seen. Anyway, that's my plan!

Thank you for your support!

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Carley said…
It'll be great, Natalie! I have been thinking of my whys as well. Sometimes even family life doesn't turn out how we'd like, but we still can put our best effort out. The world may not be our best friend or accept our best efforts, but we can feel satisfied with our work. 2020 last year, at this time, I was the Relief Society Activity Leader. I was out of my comfort zone and dealing with a really hard matter with one of my adult children's choices. My one big activity before the pandemic hit was themed "2020 Eternal Perspective." I had no idea how much that theme would apply. Everything I was going through has led me to rethink my ways, because the whys fuel action. I don't know what will come in the new year. Like you, I plan to do my best work. You got this! I look forward to seeing your work and mine as well. 2021, let's do this! After all, 2020 proved we have plenty of grit and spit!