Cricut Iron-on Vinyl on Boxer Shorts DIY

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Cricut Iron-on Vinyl on Boxer Shorts DIY!

Add Cricut Iron-on vinyl to boxer shorts for a fun gift for a man--or just be able to tell your kids undies apart! Let me show you how easy it is to put vinyl on boxers and then the sky is the limit after that!

This technique is great if you have multiple children and deciding who's is who's gets tricky. My boys wear the same size, so it's even more difficult. I decided to add a little animal decal on the lower leg to aid with laundry time.

These make a great gift too! Make them funny--add puns--whatever! I am sure you can think of all kinds of funny things to add to men's boxer shorts! 

Supplies Needed for Iron-on on Boxer Shorts:

Cricut SportFlex Iron-on (this is crucial, because it needs to be able to stretch)
Boxer Shorts
Cricut Design Space

Begin by picking your designs on Cricut Design Space (that's where these little animals came from). Then place the SportFlex iron-on on the mat with the shiny side down. My mat has lost its stickiness, so before I clean it, I used some washi tape to hold the iron-on in place.

Heat up the EasyPress 2 and give the boxers a little stretch. These are new, so they need a little stretching before pressing.

Remove the cut iron-on from the mat.

Then use the hook tool to weed the excess iron-on from the designs.

Then cut the little images apart.

Then place the boxers on the EasyPress mat and warm them up with the EasyPress 2. Then put the iron on design on the warm shorts.

Press for the recommended amount of time for the recommended time. See this easy chart here.

Then let the shorts cool down and peel off the carrier sheet. Now they are ready to rock! The perfect masculine handmade gift--since those can be a little trickier to figure out! Or they are ready for the kids to keep track of which ones are theirs.

That's it!

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