Christmas Nativity Block Creative Craft Kit!

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Christmas Nativity Block Creative Craft Kit!

Make a darling Christmas Nativity set with wood blocks in this creative craft kit. These cute little Christmas nativity stickers have been a hit on my website since 2012. These cute stickers are not my art, but I love using them as the perfect Nativity sets for children. Tell the sweet story of Christmas easily with these hands-on blocks. 

I've been selling the stickers for years and get asked all the time to sell the blocks--and never have. Until now!!!

I have a super limited number of Nativity Block Creative Craft Kits available for purchase!
These will not last long at all!

Use the Coupon Code: DOODLECRAFT15 for 15% off only until Halloween!


Creative Craft Kit:

Order your Nativity Kit and make a little wood block nativity perfect for the holidays. This would make a great craft for a Girls Night, crafternoon, as a gift or a craft for the kids. Everything needed to make this cute nativity delivered directly to your door!

This cute kit was made by me! I assembled it in about 2 hours (including drying time).

Step 1: Unboxing

Shipment will arrive in a darling little box, packed to the brim! Open it up to reveal the Nativity Block Kit. Everything you need to create the Christmas Nativity blocks are included. 

Each kit comes with 13 reclaimed wood blocks of various sizes:

Large Holy Family block (qty. 1) 2.5X3.5"
3 Wisemen and Shepherd (qty. 4) 1.5X2"
Sitting camel (qty. 1) 2 X 2"
Standing camel (qty. 1) 2 .75 X 2"
Star (qty. 1) 1.5" square
Small sheep (qty. 3) 1.5 X 1.25"
Double sheep (qty. 1) 1.75 X 1.75"
O Come Let us Adore Him Phrase (qty. 1) 4X 1"

Kit also contains:

Sand Paper
Random Shade of White or Off White Acrylic Craft Paint
Nativity Stickers
Paint Brush

Step 2: Painting

Begin by laying out the blocks and picking which side is the top. 

Then paint the first coat of paint on the blocks. I just paint one surface, but you can paint all 6 sides if desired. Then let them dry.

Then add a second coat of paint. This acrylic paint is easy to wash off of hands, but needs to be washed off of clothing while it is still wet or it will stay forever. 

Let it dry and then paint the third coat of paint. Work in multiple thin layers rather than thick layers of paint. Waiting for the paint to dry is the worst part. I did the dishes and some laundry between drying layers.

Now take the piece of sand paper and sand off the edges slightly, taking a little paint with it. This gives it a little distressed farmhouse style look.

Step 3: Stickers!

This is the fun part! Use the diagram included to find the size of block for the sticker to stick on top.

The print-out is pretty close to actual size, but not perfect. Start with the largest blocks and work to the smaller ones.

As long as the paint is completely dry--the stickers adhere perfectly! No need to clear coat them or do anything to finish it off. That's it! 

Such a fun craft activity for the family. Maybe get one for the grandkids or one for each of the kids! This will be a fun heirloom that can be passed on for little hands to play with.

Order yours today before they sell out! I'm not going to do this again, ever--at least not any time soon.
Use the Coupon Code: DOODLECRAFT15 for 15% off only until Halloween!

Not ready to order your own Block Nativity Kit with these adorable Stickers?

I have a few of just the sticker pages available in my ETSY shop to purchase--they will not last long!

Then you can make your own nativity set...or put them on magnets, paper, or any other surface.

Supplies Needed for Folded Paper Nativity:

White Cardstock Paper
Paper Cutter
Nativity Stickers

These stickers are not my designs or images, they are Me and My Big Ideas...but they are very hard to find...and are super popular! Really, they are so cute!  I have several of this sticker set for anyone interested in my Etsy Shop!

Need an easier version for this little nativity!? This one is just as cute and not nearly as much work. Stick the stickers on the bottom edge of the thick cardstock. Space out the pieces so they can be cut.

Then use the paper cutter to cut them into strips. Fold the piece of paper so it centers the stickers on the page, then trim off the extra paper. No measurements needed.

With the fold at the top of the stickered paper, the cute Christmas nativity sits upright to display and play with. This could also be laminated for longer lasting use.

This cute Christmas nativity is perfect for teaching children the Christmas story. Or if you want to put together your own set... It's the perfect KIDS CRAFT too! Stick to paper, cut out the border, laminate and glue a magnet on the backside. 

Make a piece of art with a still scene. Mount to Craft Foam and hang a ribbon for an ornament set. So many fun options for this cute little nativity set.

The Christmas Story sticker sheet measures: 4 by 6.5".  It has the Holy Family all together on one sticker that would fit on a block measuring 3.5" by 2". 

 Background of sticker page is clear, so your image looks drawn right on! Perfect for little kids or Christmas gifts!

That's it!

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Order stickers or your full kit today! Limited quantities available!

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  1. Hi, I am wondering what kind of wood you used for this project, including the dimension of wood you bought? Is it an 8 foot 1x4? Thanks!

  2. While searching for ideas for Super Saturday...I came across this. I love you Nat! I'm in charge of Super Saturday this year, first time and I'm not that crafty. So I'm sure glad you have this blog. Im looking for a kid friendly nativity set and this is a great idea. I will go look at your etsy shop now!

  3. would you be able to give the measurements for each sticker/block? or tell me where to find the measurements.


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