Cinco de Mayo Fiesta Theme Party!

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Host a fiesta party with supplies, decorations and ideas from Oriental Trading.

 Cinco de Mayo Fiesta Theme Party!

Fiesta Party Supplies + Decoration Ideas with Oriental Trading!

Fiesta then Siesta!  That's totally my motto for any party I host...haha, I just want to take a nap when they are over.  This fiesta is adorable and perfect for an end of school, start of Summer, Baby birthday, Cinco de Mayo or just to honor Taco Tuesday!

*Large gatherings and Big Parties are kind of out right now, so make a fun party for just the family to enjoy*

Set up a bright and colorful fiesta party with touches of shiny metallic gold.  Fiesta Party Supplies for this post received from Oriental Trading.  Affiliate links included.  All opinions are mine.

Golden llama pinata with lots of decorations for the perfect fiesta.    

I love planning parties and using props that are useful for many other things.  Adding a letterboard makes your theme clear and then can be displayed year round with silly quips, inspirational quotes or a menu.

Check out these other fun Letter Board posts.  Using neutral garlands--like this gold one, or this bright teal vase and gold geometric wreath frame...they can be used for home decor or other parties.

  Plan a fiesta party with supplies, decorations and themed ideas from oriental trading.

 Everything you need for the perfect Fiesta!

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Gold Donkey "Llama" Pinata
Ceramic Cactus Mug Tumblers
Gold Tassel Garland
Cactus Banner
Cactus Dinner Plates
Cactus Dessert Plates
Cactus Flower Table Runner
Teal Geometric Vase
Gold Chocolate Caramel Treats
Water Dispenser
Gold Geometric Wreath Frame
Watermelon Gummy Bears
Fiesta Hanging Fans
12X12 Letterboard
Clear Cylinder Jar
Natural Wood Tray
Prima Watercolors in Tropical
Gold Spiral Place Card Holder

Make the perfect DIY touches with Prima watercolors on watercolor paper for place settings, weddings or greeting cards.    

Add a personal and vibrant touch to any fiesta party with watercolor place settings.  They are simple to make and just require a couple items.

  Celebrate with brightly colored fiesta party supplies and decorations that will double as home decor.

You will need:

Prima Watercolors in Tropicals
Watercolor Paper
1 inch flat paintbrush
Hand Lettering Pen or Permanent Marker
Painters Tape
Cup of Water

  Watercolor wash with Prima watercolor confections in Tropicals.    
These Prima watercolors are adorable--seriously so cute!  They come in a tiny tin, just larger than an altoid tin.  Perfect size for traveling, storage and painting on a sunny Summer day.

Cut the watercolor paper into the size of pieces needed for the name settings.  Mine are 1X3 inches...and 6X12 for the big one.  Tape them down on a washable worksurface with painters tape.

Wet each watercolor with a few drops of water.  If you haven't done a watercolor wash before, they are fun--just go heavy on the water!

Begin by washing a layer of water around the surface of the paper...don't cover it completely.  Be artistic and cover most of the paper...leave gaps and sharp edges.

Then dab the paintbrush in the paint and touch it to the surface of the water on the paper.  Add extra water as needed.  The paint should flow and blend.

Add other colors and even splatter paint over the top.  Gently dab pools of water up with a napkin so the colors don't blend together into a muddy mess.

Repeat the process for the smaller papers.  A small swash of water and then one color on one side and another color dabbed on the other side...then let them blend slightly in the center.

That's it!  Just let them dry completely while they are taped down.  Once dry, simply remove the painters tape.

Watercolors will lighten in color about 20% from when they were wet.  Keep that in mind when adding colors.


Here's a video to see how simple this technique really is!


Then use a hand lettering brush or just a permanent marker to write names or titles on each paper.  These would be stunning for a tropical luau party too!

Clip one on the Gold Geometric Wreath Frame for the perfect decoration!  This technique is also fun for greeting cards, wedding table numbers and gift tags.

The watercolor tags can be slipped in the gold spiral place setting holders for the perfect labels for each food item.


These darling paper hanging fans are also great to keep on hand for other parties.  They are super easy to store.

They arrive in tight little accordion folded bundles.  Simply unwrap the string carefully.


Then open up the fan all the way so it forms a circle.

Use the enclosed plastic clip to secure the ends together.  Then it is just as simple to take the clip off and bundle them back up for storage.  Pull them out for birthday parties or just to make dinner a little more special.

Fiesta parties are the best.  They are easy to serve lots of food...chips, salsa and guacamole are favorites around here.  That's all that's needed--with some ice water for a fun party.

Add some cake and ice cream for a birthday and you are good to go.  Since most of the items used are reusable, there is very little waste for a party like this.

Drink dispensers are perfect for parties, I like them to at least hold 2 gallons...otherwise I feel like I'm always refilling it.  Or, get two!

  The perfect fiesta party with ceramic cactus tumblers and drink beverage dispenser.    
These caramel chocolates are my favorite.  They come in a variety of colors and are perfect for any party.

Have you ever seen anything cuter than these cactus tumblers?  They are ceramic and would make great party favors too.

  Cactus ceramic mugs tumblers perfect for a fiesta party.    
I like using a small bookshelf like this for a fun party set up. This gives a little more space for decorations and elements!

  Gold tassels and gold llama pinata with brightly colored hanging fans, cactus mugs, letterboard and other party supplies from Oriental Trading.

Let's talk about the elephant llama in the room!  This golden llama pinata is the perfect element for a fiesta party...and would work great for a Fortnite party like this one too!

The perfect golden loot llama donkey pinata for a fortnite birthday party    
I love the combination of bright colors and glistening gold for the perfect fiesta party!  Get your Fiesta Party supplies from Oriental Trading--and then use them as home decor during the rest of the year!

  Fiesta party ideas perfect for a birthday, cinco de mayo, or taco Tuesday party!

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  Hostess the perfect Fiesta party with supplies and decor from Oriental Trading with personal touches of watercolor and letterboard signs.

What do you think?  Tell me what your favorite element of this Fiesta party is in the comments! More party ideas here!

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