Full Metal Alchemist Hoodie with Cricut

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Full Metal Alchemist Hoodie with Cricut

Any Full Metal Alchemist fans out there? Here's the perfect Human Transmutation Circle hoodie for the weeb in your life. Make your own anime merch by using a Cricut Electronic Cutting Machine and Iron-on vinyl in just a few minutes.

Do you have kids, friends, family or yourself that just love Anime? My daughter loves a bunch of different animes, but merchandise from them is hard to find...and if you can find it, it's expensive.

I decided to DIY a bunch of fun things for my daughter for Christmas. This Full Metal Alchemist hoodie was a big success!

Here's a png of the human transmutation circle. It's complex and means very little to me, but here it is. Right click to save off.

Then upload the picture into Cricut Design Space and make it a cut image.

Supplies Needed:

Start by cutting the image out in reverse, by clicking the mirror button. Then place the iron on vinyl on the mat with the plastic side down. Click the cut button and select the material type, in this case, Everyday Iron-on.

Before removing the mat from the machine after the cut, lift out a piece or two and make sure it is cut through.

Then remove the iron-on from the mat and weed away the excess vinyl. Take your time and get all those little intricate areas.

Now place your hoodie on the EasyPress Mat, then heat up your EasyPress 2 to the correct temperature for your iron-on and shirt. Warm up the hoodie with the EasyPress 2 and then place the iron-on vinyl on the warm shirt.

Then press the Easypress on the vinyl and hold firmly while the timer counts down.

Let's talk about the EasyPress for a minute. When I first started making shirts, I used an iron. I was too "poor" to afford a press and therefore thought the iron was good enough. The problem was, it isn't. An iron doesn't heat up hot enough or evenly enough for pressing iron-on vinyl.

I wasted so many shirts and so much vinyl by using an iron. The iron-on peeled off in places or didn't adhere right. I loved making shirts, but didn't realize that this is a critical part of making sure they last. If you are interested in making shirts or using iron-on, be sure to get an EasyPress 2. It's worth every penny.

After pressing the top side, turn the shirt over and press the backside for about 15 seconds. Then let the shirt cool down completely before peeling off the plastic carrier sheet.

Now the shirt or hoodie is ready to wear to the next anime convention, give as a gift or just wear around the house. My daughter loves to wear this around town, just to find her fellow weebs that recognize the symbol.

That's it!

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