Valentine's Day Heart Attack Front Door Surprise!

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Valentine's Day Heart Attack Front Door Surprise!

Surprise a friend or a neighbor by giving them a heart attack! Fill hearts with words of affirmations, pictures or other fun sentiments and plaster them all over a front door or yard. This is a great Valentine's day surprise for anyone!

When I was in high school, I was such a dork. My best friend and I would write generic "love notes" and slip them in the slots of peoples lockers before school started. We giggled and thought we were hilarious! I never saw or heard how people reacted...but I hope that it brightened someone's day. I still like sneaking around delivering notes and surprises. Is surprising a love language? I think it's mine!

I remember as a teenager we organized a heart attack for a family in our neighborhood. We put heart shapes on stakes to fill his front lawn, and hearts for all over the garage door and front door. Go as big as you want, fill the entire yard...or just add a cluster of hearts for the front door. It is nice to see the hearts as neighbors walking by. These hearts stayed on my neighbors door for at least 6 months.

Supplies Needed:

Cricut Maker (not necessary, but makes it so easy)
Laminator and plastic sleeves
Painters tape

Use the Cricut maker to cut out a sheet full of heart shapes. The shape tool has the best heart shape that is easy to duplicate and size to fit the 11.5 square. Then cut out multiple sheets of cardstock with the heart shape patterns.

Next you'll need some help, enlist all the kids to draw, write and calligraphy on each of the hearts. Then run them through a laminator if you want them to last longer. Not necessary, but gives them a glossy finish and adds durability.

Next is the attack plan. Get some blue painters tape so it protects the paint finish on the door of choice. Enlist a group of helpers and sneak out early in the morning or late at night to attack the target with hearts.

Roll the painters tape and stick them all over the door. Vary the placement of size and color to make them look like an adorable cluster.

This door was in pretty rough shape. I wish I could paint it and make it look nice, like this neighbors door...but it's an apartment. But filling the door with hearts is a great way to cover the chipped paint from the worn door.

I wish I could have seen the recipients face when they saw the door. I hope they felt the love we tried to convey. Have you ever given someone a "Heart Attack"?

Have you ever delivered secret love notes? Tell me in the comments what you did and the results!

That's it!

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